From Yoga Novice to Wellness Superstar: One Expert’s Journey

Apr 18, 2019
From Yoga Novice to Wellness Superstar: One Expert’s Journey
Often seen hand-standing, back-bending and crow-posing his way across Instagram, Patrick Beach has become a superstar of the yoga world in the last few years. Known for proving yoga is as much about strength as flexibility, he’s often credited with introducing more men to the practice, as well as with inspiring healthier choices with his level-headed approach to wellness.

Ahead of his appearance in the KeVita FLOW Dome at this year’s Balance Festival, we caught up with Beach himself to lift the lid on the massive impact that yoga has had on his life and his journey to better health, including why your beverage choices are just as important as those you make about your food.

You’re teaching in the KeVita FLOW Dome at this year’s Balance Festival, but how did you first get into yoga?

I first started practising yoga on my kitchen floor - I was so tight that I couldn’t sit on the floor without being in immense pain and I knew that wasn’t good. I found a yoga book and made up a routine from the pictures inside, including a few seated hip opening poses and handstands. The little 30-minute practice became one of the things I looked forward to every day and it just grew from there.

A few years later, my teaching career also started in my kitchen, with small groups of students. We could only squeeze in three mats, but those first sessions were such a fun start to the journey! 

Feeling good is more than just moving - what other techniques do you use to keep your mind and body healthy?

There are a few things that I have really focused on to become healthier and stay that way, including eating well, daily movement, rest, and stimulating my mind in new ways every day.

I struggled a lot with digestion when I was younger, so I knew something was wrong and that I had to change my approach to eating. My partner Carling and I started cooking most of our meals with local well-sourced ingredients, and she recommended I try adding live cultures into my diet which is how I found KeVita Apple Cider Drinking Vinegars. This made getting those into my daily life easy and enjoyable.

We often think about how what we eat affects our bodies, but less about what we drink. How has being mindful about what you drink made a difference to your life?
It is really easy to forget how much we can benefit from making the right choices about what we drink. Cultures were something I always knew I needed to consider, but being lactose intolerant meant that I was always looking for alternatives to the usual yogurt and other dairy products. Finding a way to get these essential bacteria from drinks like KeVita has made a huge difference.

You’ve been an ambassador for KeVita for a while now, how does this complement your personal values and beliefs?

Working with KeVita has been amazing because I was a daily user of the product before we started even talking about working together. My goal every day is to try to help people find themselves and be healthier, so being able to draw on my own experience makes it an amazing fit!

And finally, what advice would you give to someone just starting their wellness journey?

Trust your process and take it at a pace where you can create sustainable change. Quick fixes don’t last long so find good lifestyle habits that you can change, pick things you know you can stick with and let the process unfold from there. Being mindful about taking care of yourself can be a tough journey but nothing is more valuable.

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