Is 2019 The Year You Kickstart A Career In Wellness? Here's How To Make It Happen

Apr 17, 2019
Is 2019 The Year You Kickstart A Career In Wellness? Here's How To Make It Happen

If you’re reading the Balance Journal, the chances are that you’re passionate about wellness. You’re likely to be a healthy eater, you probably enjoy keeping fit, you could be interested in well-tech, gut bacteria, or yoga. Fitness and wellness festivals are on your radar, and you generally immerse yourself in all-things wellness. Sound about right?
But, what about your career? Where does your professional life fit into this wellness lifestyle?
Perhaps you have already started to ask yourself these questions but you’re not sure what it is you want or how to make it happen. Or, perhaps you're up against restrictions on your time, finances, experience, or something else altogether.
In this article, Welltodo – the leading authority on building businesses and careers in the wellness industry – explores the steps you need to take to carve out a career in the field and how it could transform your life.


Where to start?

First things first, we want you to take a step back. Zoom out. Set aside some time to ask yourself a few questions. This isn’t about jumping straight in or stumbling around in the dark; it helps to gain clarity on what it is you really want from your career.
A good place to start is to understand what is missing from your current career. Are you lacking a sense of fulfilment? Do you lack purpose? Are you craving greater flexibility? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Are you sick of office politics? Make a list of all your frustrations and the things that aren’t working for you; don’t feel pressured to do this all at once, it may take a few days of pondering for you to create an exhaustive list.
Next, have a think about what inspires you. Spend some time journaling around your interests, your curiosities, your passions. What lights you up? Who are your role models and why? Get specific. What is the life you dream of living? Try not to limit yourself at this point, think big.
Now, get a good handle on where your strengths lie. Strengths are made up of natural talents and skills; skills are developed over time by applying effort and practicing these natural talents. There’s a magic space in the career transition process where your strengths intersect with your passions and interests, so this is where you should focus a lot of your attention. Not only will understanding your strengths help steer your journey in the right direction, it will also give you a welcome confidence boost.

So, what next?

Now you’ve gained some clarity on what it is you’re looking for, it’s time to get busy. This new career path isn’t going to happen by itself – it’s going to take hard work, networking, investment, time and drive.
Start by educating yourself about your chosen area and researching the careers of people already working in that space. Make an effort to network, to take as many people as possible for coffee, to get yourself out there. This can seem scary at first, but it’s about creating dynamic connections with those who are already trailblazing in your area of interest and creating energy around this move.
Additionally, you could find a mentor, get a Careers Coach or join a mastermind group.
The key is to take action whilst ensuring you stay connected to what it is you truly want. Give it some time, and we promise you will start to see results.


The impact of a fulfilling career

At Welltodo, we don’t just measure our success by the new careers we help people start - we also measure it by the impact these new careers have on their overall wellness. People who work in fulfilling careers are happier, they enjoy life more, they have a wonderful sense of purpose and this can’t help but filter through to the other areas of their life.
Relationships are likely to improve, and financial success is more probable when you’re utilising your strengths and working for something or someone you believe in. Creativity can flourish, and you’re able to build a life on your own terms.
This isn’t just about a career, this is about your life… so what are you going to do with yours?
Welltodo has just launched a brand new careers platform – sign up now to ensure you don’t miss out on incredible job opportunities in the wellness industry.


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