The Ultimate Guide To Trainers For Any Kind Of Workout

Apr 12, 2019
The Ultimate Guide To Trainers For Any Kind Of Workout

While wearing the correct trainers can play a huge role in sports performance and have a dramatic effect on how you feel during a workout, knowing which pair to choose can be challenging for even the most avid of fitness fans.
You may or may not know already that trainers are designed for specific activities; the shoe that you need will depend heavily on chosen sport, as well as factors such as the shape of your feet or the frequency of your training.
Whether you’re into running, HIIT or weights, an appropriate trainer can supercharge your workout, reduce the risk of shin splints, assist in avoiding dodgy form and help you say goodbye to uncomfortable training.
For the HIIT Lover - Nike Metcon 4 XD
With a name inspired by metabolic conditioning, it makes sense that the Nike Metcon 4 XD is perfectly designed for those times when you wish to work at the highest levels of intensity.
This must-have trainer is there to help you lift, sprint, climb and jump with confidence by providing a stable base. In doing so, the shoes help to enhance your body’s performance.
For the Runner - Adidas Ultraboost19
You may have seen the Adidas Ultraboost 19 all over social media lately, and there’s a good reason that they’re proving so popular.
Recently recoded and given a whole new look, this high-performance neutral running shoe not only makes your runs smoother but also boasts a strong aesthetic appeal.
Find out more about the UB19 on the Pro:Direct FIT YouTube channel

For the Heavy Lifter - Reebok Legacy Lifters 
While sports trainers are often associated with intense movement, the Reebok Legacy Lifters are the ideal choice to take your weightlifting to the next level.
Built with a heel-to-toe ratio that’s optimal for maintaining your squat technique, the Legacy Lifters are perfect for those who mean business in the strength and conditioning room. 

For the Cross Fitter - Reebok CrossFit Nano 8
Like the fitness movement they’re named after, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 is designed so you can push yourself to new limits.
Extremely lightweight, offering comfort and durability in the key areas, this shoe is perfect for the Cross Fitter, for whom performance and intensity is crucial. 
For the All-Rounder - Adidas Alphabounce 
Although primarily intended as a running shoe, the Adidas Alphabounce’s targeted support for multidirectional movement means that they’re actually a great all-rounder.
With strategic zones to help support lateral movement as well as linear, they're equally suited to those who love road running and those who prefer working out on the gym floor.

And the one for Post-Workout - Nike Zoom 2K
Of course, you’re going to need something to slip into once you’ve finished your workout, and the Nike Zoom 2k are a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast.
These chunky midsole shoes are a nod to style of the early 2000s, and combine their heritage style with the modern comfort of Zoom Air cushioning.
As the saying goes... go ahead, treat yourself. Your workout will thank you for it. 
You can find the latest collections in function, innovation and trend from Nike, Adidas, Reebok, do & more on the Pro:Direct FIT website.


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