Three Unmissable Austrian Destinations for Foodies

Apr 11, 2019
Three Unmissable Austrian Destinations for Foodies

As far as we’re concerned, choosing Austria as a destination for a foodie escape is one of the best decisions you could possibly make. Famous for its abundance of hillside farms, this small country proudly cultivates some of Europe’s healthiest and tastiest produce.
There’s so much on offer when it comes to seasonal fare; from sensational artisan cheeses to succulent grass-fed beef and delicately crafted herbal schnapps, the country’s heritage menu stretches much further than the staple Schnitzel dish.  
Ahead of your next trip to Austria, allow us to help you whittle down your options, with these three must-visit destinations for food lovers.
Devour Divine Cheeses in Vorarlberg
Anybody who takes their cheese seriously should consider a visit to the Vorarlberg region a no-brainer. Famous for its many lovingly made varieties, the area crafts its dairy produce using high-quality milk from naturally-fed mountain cows, as well milk-producing goats and sheep.
Among the highlights is the region of Bregenzerwald, home to the famous Cheese Road. Not a road in the physical sense, but a network of over 160 cheese experts, the Cheese Road works hard to maintain and preserve the delicate taste and regional culture Austria is very proud of.
With ‘stop-offs’ including the Lingenau Cheese Cellar and the Andelsbuch Cheese Centre, the area buzzes with alpine dairy farms, cheesemakers, farmers’ markets, restaurants, museums and much more. This is the place to devour endless samples, join workshops, meet the makers and even the animals too.

Dine Alfresco in The Foodie Town Graz
Graz is certainly not what you’d expect from Austria’s second largest city; relaxed yet vibrant, with a refreshing Mediterranean atmosphere, there’s no big city rush here.
In the summertime, tables fill the city’s historic courtyards, where alfresco diners can be found tucking into culinary delights and clinking glasses. Renaissance architecture and the serene sounds of nearby street musicians create the perfect backdrop, making Graz an instant heart-stealer.
Being one of Austria’s most upbeat and flourishing foodie town, Graz is home to the annual Graz Food Festival and an array of bustling weekly farmers’ markets, selling a huge variety of fresh and organic produce.

Meet The Makers in St Johann in Tirol
For many people, it’s more important than ever to know exactly where their food comes from – and you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere that upholds this principle quite like the bustling market town of St Johann in Tirol.
Although best known as a ski town, it also has a long-standing tradition of crafting honest, quality produce, all by hand.
With so much love and dedication put their hearts this process, it’s no wonder their traditional specialties taste so good – perfectly cured bacon, botanical schnapps and delicate cheeses are just a few must-try delicacies in this region.
Whilst exploring this area, it’s worth popping your head into the Wilder Käser, a cheese dairy, the Huber Bräu Brewery and the Aggstein Distillery, to meet the makers, witness the production process and do some taste testing…
It would be rude not to!

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