Four Tantalizing NA Seedlip Cocktails to Make At Home

By Balance Festival Team
Aug 06, 2018
Four Tantalizing NA Seedlip Cocktails to Make At Home
After last month's release of Seedlip's third alcohol-free spirit, Grove 42, we're sharing our favourite way of mixing Grove into a refreshing summer cocktail and three other delicious NA cocktail recipes, featuring Seedlips' original spirits, Garden 108 and Spice 94.

1. NA Moonwalk 

50ml Grove 42, Granulated Caster Sugar, Grapefruit Bitters, Slimline Tonic and Smoked Salt Saline Solution

A sweet but zesty, citrus blend of Seedlip's Grove 42 spirit for a summery champagne-inspired serve.

2. NOgroni
35ml Spice 94, 25ml NA Bitter Aperitif, 25ml NA Sweet Vermouth, Orange Twist to garnish

Recreate the classic Negroni, with Seedlip's original spirit, Spice 94. Bitter, challenging and complex, the NOgroni is everything you've been waiting for from a grown-up NA cocktail.

3. Watermelon Sour
50ml Garden 108, 20ml Basil and Watermelon Shrub, Egg White, shake to finish

Light, refreshing and herbaceous - this watermelon tipple definitely passes the taste test and will perfectly compliment any hot summer's evening.

4. Garden Booch
50ml Garden 108, JARR Passionfruit Kombucha, Plenty of Ice and Fresh Mint to garnish

Ditch the high-sugar juices and fizzy mixers, we're all over the kombucha + Seedlip combo. Hangover-free, minty-fresh and bursting with herabl flavours.


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