The LAB Preview: Power Down to Power Further

By Equinox
Jan 15, 2018
The LAB Preview: Power Down to Power Further
‘For the last couple of years, there has been an overriding perception that in order to get in shape, see results, or just train in general, that you have to go as hard as possible. By honoring the ideas of recovery and regeneration, you will see better and longer-lasting results’
 Michael Gervais, Senior Group Fitness Manager at Equinox.
This year Equinox will be shedding light on their regeneration for motivation concept at Balance Festival. Equinox see regeneration as a vital part of high performance life, it’s the moment when you do less, to do more, and reboot your body and mind.
Don’t forget that sometimes, when nothing is happening, everything is happening. The premise may seem simple, but the pay-off is significant.
Equinox has seen growing interest around meditation, massage and regeneration from members, and in turn a strong demand for more regenerative group fitness classes and talks. Members can now access Equinox HeadStrong meditations via their app. The brand has seen an unexpected number of downloads with requests for more as people see the complementary benefits of adding a meditation practice their health and fitness programme.
Equinox believe you should be interested in the whole wellbeing of your body, and regeneration helps you achieve longevity in your training. There has been a shift in focus, and those seeking a high-performance lifestyle are realising the importance of a holistic and balanced approach to fitness.
Balance Festival goers can benefit from this first hand by joining Ariel Kiley, Equinox Regeneration expert, in The Lab for her ‘Power Down to Power Further’ talk.
Ariel informed Balance on some insights into the Equinox premise behind regeneration:
‘Regeneration practices are NOT one size fits all: Just like going jogging isn’t the best fitness practice for everyone - each of us need to find our own best fitness style that appeals to our minds and our bodies - at Equinox we have practices that meet different types of people/bodies where they are - this is so important!’
Ariel sees regeneration as ‘the updating of your physical body to it’s newest possible operating system - just like you do on your computer so all programmes run faster and more effectively’

‘Regeneration is when the body shifts into parasympathetic dominance, and all repair systems go to work – integrating the most recent “information” from life and fitness, and rebuilding smarter & stronger’

There is scientific integrity to all of Equinox's movement, nutrition and regeneration programming. Regenerative classes can eliminate pain, improve posture, and enhance performance, whether you’re an elite athlete or gym-goer. It's highly effective for prep prior to a workout or as an active recovery solution post-workout to help revitalise your body and speed recovery – especially for those incorporating HIIT into their workout regime.

To sum up, Ariel’s goal is to help you find a regime that works for you, ‘All styles of regeneration can lead us back to the same ultimate goal: Homeostasis in body and mind, so we can each reach our highest potential in fitness and life. The excitement is in finding your most fun, interesting, and logical way in - so you are inspired to practice and regeneration becomes organically woven into the fabric of your life’

Join Ariel Kiely, Equinox Regeneration expert on Sunday in The Lab at Balance Festival this year.


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