Live Life with a BOOM!

By BOOM Cycle
Jan 26, 2018
Live Life with a BOOM!
Boom Cycle is a concept built on the ideas of fun, (an actually) balanced lifestyle and empowerment. We believe that we should all just strive for happiness instead of unrealistic goals or status that doesn’t make us feel good. We are not here to be any version of perfect. We are here to live life!
We believe all of us humans should be able to truly enjoy all that life has to offer – endorphins, green juice, guacamole and also cheeseburgers, beers, chocolate and cocktails! It’s ultimately up to you and you alone how you live your life.
We believe your workout should be something that gives you a mental boost and mental clarity, something that makes your body feel good (you don’t need to work so hard you want to hurl every time you go to work out- you can take it at your own pace). It should not be an anxiety-inducing experience. A workout should be a positive experience that shows you your strength and power and reminds you of those things every time you come back for more. The important thing is that you feel good. A work out is something you should look forward to!
We designed every part of Boom Cycle to deliver this:
Everybody is welcome -
 We have riders that are first timers who have always hated the gym to people who use Boom Cycle to train for races and challenges.  Because you control your own resistance and riding a bike is so low impact, it’s easy to begin and super-easy to keep challenging yourself just by turning up the resistance. We keep the studios very dark for zoning into the music and in case you don’t want to feel like you’re on display. We are not prim and proper and we are probably more chilled than you think.  All we ask at Boom Cycle is that everyone is courteous and kind to one another.

Your workout is personal to you - It is your ride and there is nothing to be gained by comparing yourself to others. Everyone is at a different place in their journey and how we feel each day is influenced by an infinite number of factors. We can’t all be expected to be on the same level. We need to listen to our bodies and minds, and tailor each experience to be what we need it to be so that we can feel good and be happy. Some days you’ve slept well, you’re in a good mood and you want to push hard. Other days you might be feeling tired, but you still want to do something good for your mental and physical well-being. Sometimes you are there to burn off stress and some other days you have a pretty-raging hangover and you’re there to sweat it out and feel a bit better (but must tread carefully for obvious reasons).
We aim to give you that dancefloor feeling - When the music is so good you dance for ages without feeling tired and time passes quickly! Our workouts are varied and designed to up lift and inspire you through music.  Check out our Spotify for some Boom Cycle playlists!

We are so pumped to be back at Balance Festival this year! See you there!

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