Why Making Fitness Social Will Help You Smash Your Goals!

By Zanna Van Dijk
Jan 30, 2018
Why Making Fitness Social Will Help You Smash Your Goals!
One of my favourite ways to catch up with friends is over a workout. It’s the ultimate way to hit two birds with one stone - not only do you get to train hard but you also get to share the experience with your mates and bond through sweat! Here are four reasons I always book in a gym date:
It removes fear

If you're new to the gym, taking classes or exercising in general, it can be so much less intimidating when you have a buddy by your side. You can laugh as your arms turn to jelly in a boxing class, encourage each other to try a new exercise or share the excitement of using a new piece of equipment. Admittedly, the gym can be a pretty scary place, especially the weights area which is usually dominated by grunting beasts. Having a friend by your side can help you step in there with more confidence, so you can progress together. 
You can push each other 

When training on your own it can be easy to slack off, go through the motions and not push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whereas when you're with a friend, you can constantly challenge each other to run a little faster, lift a little heavier or push a little harder. Having someone there to encourage you, cheer your name and pick you up when you're down means you're much more likely to challenge your body a little more, and work towards your goals faster than if you trained solo.

Remain Accountable

The biggest reason why I personally love to train with a friend is because it keeps me accountable. I am less likely to find a shoddy excuse to miss my workout if I know I am meeting a friend there. By having the responsibility of not letting down someone else, it can give you that extra boost of motivation to leave your excuses at the door and get yourself to the gym or out running in the park!

Most importantly, going to the gym, heading out on a run or hitting up a class with a friend makes working out so much more fun! It can be very easy to lose motivation and inspiration when you're training alone; getting sucked into the same old workouts, classes or running routes. Joining a friend means you can have a laugh while getting fit, switch up your routine and get to be social while you strengthen your body. It’s a win-win!
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