Balance Festival 2018 - What We Learnt This Time Round

By Balance Festival Team
Jun 06, 2018
Balance Festival 2018 - What We Learnt This Time Round
There’s something very magical about throwing a fitness and wellness Festival in the city; an undeniable, soul-shifting energy fills the space where thousands of like-minded individuals gather, each on their own inner wellness journeys.
Taking place at East London’s iconic Old Truman Brewery, Balance Festival 2018 opened its doors to 10,000 hungry health hedonists each on a quest to find Balance on their own terms. Judging by the very humbling and enthusiastic reception, and our own huge sense of self-achievement, there’s no doubt our second year topped it. From a rise in sustainable living, to breathwork therapies, Ayurvedic cooking and HIIT training, here’s just some of what Balance Festival taught us this year:

Mother Earth Needs Our Protection
Bettering ourselves starts at home – the Earth. Thankfully we’ve now realized that our own inner wellness journey cannot manifest at the expense of our beloved home. Today we see conscious-minds beginning to live more mindfully in alignment with Mother Earth – the plant-based movement, zero waste, sustainable food sourcing and the ban of single use plastic, to name a few movements.

Meditation Is On The Rise
This year our new Meditation Dome, in partnership with Rituals, opened it’s doors to a tranquil city retreat – draped with heavy fabrics, padded with cozy cushions and supported by the soothing scents of essential oils. With everything from mindfulness techniques and gong baths, to breathwork workshops and handstand classes, the Meditation Dome’s programme was impressively aligned with all the latest mindfulness advancements in our city.
It seems everybody’s talking about the WimHofMethod these days (breathwork and cold exposure) for a reason. It’s overwhelming popular demand was enlightening to witness - so many curious wellness warriors on the search for elevated natural health.

A city like London thrives on intensity, and that’s exactly what it gets at Balance Festival.  There’s no doubt HIIT remains the city’s go-to fitness regime. Not only did iconic studios like Another Space and Barry’s Bootcamp raise the tempo with killer HIIT workouts, but also signature Mainstage HIIT workouts quite literally took centre stage.
Take for instance Zanna Van Dijk and Jamie Ray’s collision style HIIT battle, where fitness troops smashed the workout in almost perfect unison. One not to be missed next year.

Healthy Food Gets Diverse
London is one of the world’s epicenters for healthy, well-travelled food - something that beamed through at the Festival this year. With the plant-based movement dominating the healthy food scene at present, it was refreshing to see other dietary and mindful cooking techniques, like Ayurveda and zero waste, sharing equal interest.
Jasmine Hemsley recounted her colourful travels through India and Sri Lanka, sharing her self-discovered knowledge of the ancient cooking technique Ayurveda, and it’s nutritional benefits on the body.

Let’s Talk Mental Health
With an apparent rise of conscious minds eager to learn and better their lifestyles, this year we considerably expanded the space of The LAB. Sponsored by Form, The LAB was home to an inspirational hoard of innovative talkers. With talks from Harry Jameson on How To Live Longer and Jamie Ray and Richie Norton on Modern Mindfulness, we noticed a prevalent message that resonated  - the importance of understanding and maintaining our own Mental Health.

Oh, You Natural Beauty!
We’re going inside out these days, as we realise the food we eat has benefits equally as powerful on our skin. At the festival an impressive hoard of forward-thinking brands brought the natural back into beauty, including The Owl and Apothecary, The Natural Deodrant Co and Glow Bar.

Welcome Dr Avocardio
Manage to spot the latest member of the Balance Team at the Festival this year? Our very own wellness Banksy could be found stashed away in all the nooks and crannies of the Old Truman Brewery, spreading his witty wellness knowledge festival-wide.  As a humble, intelligent and friendly face, we had no doubt Dr Avocardio would make festival-goers smile.
Every fortnight, you can now expect a light-hearted, inspirational and content-heavy newsletter featuring premium Balance Journal and TV content, from the talking avocado himself. Dr Avocardio will flesh out his expertise spanning healthy food, wellness and fitness and help you optimise the way you live your life, forevermore.
Don’t forget to follow Dr Avocardio on Instagram: @dravocardio

The Inner Wellness Journey Goes On
What some people thought might have once just been a trend; wellness has proven to become a way of life for many. People don’t just love wellness; they’re truly living it. We are proud to design a festival for those people to follow their true purpose – living fit, happy and healthy.
How could your Balance Festival 2019 top it next year? We’d love to hear your feedback. Get in touch.

Don't forget to relive your best moments of Balance Festival 2018 in the highlights video below! 


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