Conscious Minds Creating Waves in the Plastic-Free Movement

By Balance Festival Team | Natalie Blow
Jun 08, 2018
Conscious Minds Creating Waves in the Plastic-Free Movement
Today it’s World Ocean’s Day, so we’re talking plastic. Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our ocean every year, a potential 5 trillion pieces are currently afloat, and we’re now seeing daunting evidence of its arrival in the remote oceans of Antarctica.
Saving our oceans starts at home. With inspirational brands, forward-thinking products and conscious minds paving the waterway, it’s time to stop biting nails and start making plastic-free waves today.

Bristle Toothbrushes

As the Japanese proverb puts it: ‘the bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”… Bend into a new conscious daily habit and bag yourself a biodegradable toothbrush from Bristle. Begin everyday with a brush and a smile, knowing you’re consciously doing your bit for our oceans. Plus they’re delivered straight to your door – seriously, no excuses.

Yoni Tampons

With no ingredients listed on the packaging, tampon's plastic-use has gone unnoticed for years. This has come as a great shock for many green-minded women. Yoni is on a mission to revolutionize the fem care world and lets ladies know exactly what they’re putting between their legs – 100% cotton.

Zanna Van Dijk

As our very own Balance Festival headliner, we’re proud to share Zanna Van Dijk’s committed involvement in the single-use plastic movement. Zanna demonstrated the power of social media in spreading awareness to make positive change; her involvement in the plastic-issue all started with a beach clean in Jamaica, which went viral. Since Zanna continues to embark on projects with Blue Planet and BBC Earth and is going plastic-free in July, encouraging others to join her.


Ending waste and embracing taste, SoLCups’s putting the plastic coffee cup scene to bed, for good. SoL’s handblown glass cups are infinitely reusable, helping people move away from a throwaway mindset and to be environmentally kind to our oceans. They’re portable, convenient, beautifully designed and will bring the SoL (sun) into your hand each sip.


Based south of the river, Hetu is a unique package-free one-stop healthy food store with zero waste at the core of its philosophy. By managing products and processes to reduce the volume of toxicity of waste and materials, Hetu is a shining role model that eliminates dangerous discharges to the ocean, whilst business continues as usual. It’s very possible.

Keep updated with all the latest advancements in saving our oceans with Greenpeace.

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