In The Spotlight: Katarina Rayburn

By Balance Editorial Team
Jun 12, 2018
In The Spotlight: Katarina Rayburn
Following her stellar performance at Balance Festival 2018, we caught up with London-based yogi Katarina Rayburn to find out how she puts the well into her wellness. 

What’s your Balance philosophy?
  • Food: I have experimented with a variety of food philosophies (always meat-free). What I eat always comes down to what makes me feel good and what my body craves. Currently that’s 100% plant-based, but I don’t believe one rule fits everyone.
  • Fitness: Yoga is my main form of exercise, but I also cycle around town to and from my classes, and at least once a week I enjoy a run to blow away the cobwebs. 
  • Wellness: I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I could probably do with balancing out that part of my life a little more. Although I practice yoga regularly and eat very well, I don’t always know when to say 'no' and probably don’t get as much sleep as I should.
  • Travel: It’s pretty much what my life philosophy is built on. It was through travelling in India that I really feel in love with yoga and knew that I wanted to become a teacher (cliché, I know).
All cheesiness aside - how has practicing yoga changed your life?
I was a little crazy before I did my yoga training (not something that’s unheard of at 25). Practicing yoga had a much-needed calming effect on me, which also filtered into my physical wellbeing. Through yoga I've had some unforgettable experiences, met some incredible people and made life-long friends. 
Where do you see the London yoga scene heading next?
I don’t think it needs to head anywhere -  yoga has been what it is for thousands of years and that’s just perfect!

Doga or Noga?

Dogs...yes, yoga...YES.

@kindredyogalife @katarinarayburnyoga

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