In The Spotlight: Laura Boyes | Founder of Hetu

By Balance Festival Team
Jun 22, 2018
In The Spotlight: Laura Boyes | Founder of Hetu
Hetu means ‘purpose’ in ancient Sanskrit and Laura has now found her purpose in life - helping bring zero waste into the mainstream in the UK through sustainable plant-based foods and consicous packaging in her healthfood store. We caught up with Hetu Founder Laura Boyes to find out where she envisages a conscious London heading next.

What’s the story behind Hetu?
Hetu was born to challenge the notion of consumerism. As we all know, consumerism does not bring lasting joy and meaning to life. What it does, is impact our health, that of the planet and all its inhabitants. 

What does your home kitchen look like?
Lots and lots of jars. Not fancy new ones - just old food jars or second hand Kilner jars that I've picked up along the way. I have a cupboard full of spices in glass jars and always a pretty empty fridge, as we rarely buy anything that needs refrigeration, the joys of being vegan and zero waste!
Could a zero waste London be on the cards? 

Zero Waste Europe defines a zero waste city as a municipality that has openly committed to the goal of continuously reducing waste generation and improving waste separation and collection and hence redesigning the relationship between people and waste. If that's the definition, then yes, I think London could be a zero waste city. But to what extend would be the question. It wouldn’t work with each Borough having their own policy, it would have to be the same rolled out across all 33, which would be a big challenge in itself.

What one thing could people implement into their daily lives, today, to take their first step towards zero waste?
Keep it simple and start at home. Turn off your lights, unplug your electrical items every night, turn off that tap when brushing your teeth and ditch the car (if you can). Not only are these options available to the majority, they also don’t cost anything and may even save you money. Then once you’ve implemented those small changes, look at where you create the most ‘waste’, keep a log of it, and work through each item to reduce. For me that was a reusable coffee cup and take away food.

To see the Hetu store in full swing and pick up some delicious plastic-free groceries, head down here.

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