Three Strong Man Workouts To Get You Through Spring

Active Man
Mar 23, 2017
Three Strong Man Workouts To Get You Through Spring
If you’re not training for a marathon and spending all your time clocking up k-s around the streets of London - what workouts should you be doing in the lead up to summer? The Active Man founder Andrew Manteit shares his top places to work up a sweat this season.

Perpetua HIT and Yoga

Sweat it out and stretch it out. The HIT signature class kicks off with 25 minutes of high intensity training using skill mills (curved treadmills), airdyne bikes, bodyweight and strength exercises to burn calories and build lean muscle. Then cooldown with a nice chilled 30 min stretch to relieve tension and bring your heartrate down.

The Foundry Fit

Home to the ‘City Strongman’ class, merging urban training with strongman manoeuvres. Think log lifting, sled dragging, prowler pushing and atlas stone carrying. It’s said to be toughest workout in the city!

Method Movement

A studio with a technically-focused programme fusing the best of traditional fitness with a flavour of contemporary movement. In their freshly launched Warrior series, a modified strongman workout focusing on quads, back, biceps and core, your strength and endurance will be put to the test. This is not for the faint hearted.


You can receive a 2x class pass to this epic studio when you place an order with The Active Man. Find them at Balance Festival this May!

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