5 Reasons You Should Never Underestimate a Barre Workout

By Kristen Wojciechowski
Mar 02, 2018
5 Reasons You Should Never Underestimate a Barre Workout
What does doing a barre workout really mean? There’s a ballet barre involved, as well as light dumbbells that look ridiculously easy to hold and some other Pilates-style props. But is it challenging? Do you feel a burn? Do you sweat? Oh yes.

I love it when new clients come into the Xtend Barre studio and pick out the heavier weights before class and say, “I’ve got this.” Until you’ve done a barre class, you don’t really know what to expect, especially at Xtend Barre. In particular, you don’t know how your body will respond when you start engaging the smaller intrinsic muscles that hold your body tightly together, after your larger muscle groups have been fatigued.

Strength and Control
 Now I am all for a variety of workouts; every workout has a purpose and a place.  However, many people seriously underestimate the amount of strength they need to control their own body weight safely. Being able to control and move your own body with ease is hugely empowering and is at the forefront of classes at Xtend Barre.  Correct, comfortable and functional movement puts less pressure and strain on your body and helps you to stay safe and injury free.  
At Xtend Barre the signature barre class is fused with elements of ballet, Pilates, and stamina, which is a brilliant combination to help you achieve long lean muscles and serious fat burn. An Xtend Barre class takes your heart rate up and down with several cardio bursts followed by deep holds and smaller movements allowing you to sculpt your body from your core outwards.

And just like every workout, correct form is key. The more precise your technique gets, the more effective and challenging the workout becomes. You are not expected to hold a parallel pliĆ© at the barre in your first class, especially when your legs start to shake uncontrollably!  It’s not that you are “unfit” but holding positions that you have never held before will be massively increasing the stamina and tone in your muscles. You will start to train your body in a different way, and your muscles will begin to fire and react with new purpose and poise.
To top it off, all the instructors at Xtend Barre are highly trained in dance and Pilates which makes them experts in programming new workouts every day so you can never underestimate your barre class again.

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