4 Sustainable Handbag Essentials To Pack for Balance Festival

By Zanna Van Dijk
Mar 25, 2019
4 Sustainable Handbag Essentials To Pack for Balance Festival
As a sustainability advocate myself, my handbag is always fully loaded with reusable products so that in my day to day life I can make choices which support the planet. Balance Festival is leading the way for wellness festivals by having water refill stations throughout and offering their own reusable water bottles on site. However, the power is also in the hand of the consumer, so I encourage you to bring these essentials with you to the weekend to lessen your footprint!
1. A reusable coffee cup. There are coffee stands scattered throughout the festival and if you're like you, you will want a caffeine hit to get you through the sweaty classes. I recommend bringing your own reusable coffee cup to drink from, as most single use cups are sadly un-recyclable due to their tricky combination of paper and plastic. 

2. A reusable water bottle. This one is self explanatory really, you will definitely need to stay hydrated if you're doing the weekend workout classes, and having your own bottle there makes this so convenient. As I said, Balance has refill stations through the festival so it couldn't be easier to top up your bottle. Plus, using your own saves plastic water bottles which take up valuable non-renewable resources in their production. 
3. A lunchbox & cutlery. These are my favourite reusable items, as they make such a big difference and avoid so much plastic consumption. Just take your own lunchbox to the food stands and ask for your meal to be dished up in it, the vendors won't mind at all! You can then use your own cutlery too for double sustainability brownie points!

4. A tote bag. You will get tonnes if goodies, freebies and maybe even make some cheeky purchases while you're at the festival. To avoid plastic or paper bags, bring your own reusable tote bag to store your treats away in!
Want to hear more about sustainability? Come along to Zanna's panel about sustainable fashion & sustainable business in The LAB at Balance Festival. Book your tickets now. 

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