Are you Embracing Wellness as a Way of Life?

By Balance Festival Team | Natalie Blow
Mar 12, 2019
Are you Embracing Wellness as a Way of Life?
Just think, how many of your daily lifestyle choices are dictated by a newfound wellness philosophy? Conscious food shopping, sustainable fashion, devout fitness regimes, emotional-self exploration and serving avo on everything, have become some of the many staples in Londoners’ daily wellness grinds.  Wellness has become the new way of life for many of us. But as the wellness movement evolves, so, too, do our choices and fancies.

Want to keep up? Here are the top 5 trends currently reshaping the wellness movement right now… 
#1 Gym Polyamory.. But Yoga’s Here to Stay!
Whoever thought cheating on a gym would become a thing? Nowadays with too much choice, comes disloyalty; gym goers are sweeping the London gyms to find the best bargain class prices out there. Dipping into a multitude of workout programs and constantly experimenting with new methods has become the norm. But one practice that’s here to stay, is yoga.

Now a staple part of many Londoner’s daily wellness digests, yoga is becoming a standardized part of many fitness studios’ class programs. Never has yoga been taken so seriously. Well, mostly. Beer yoga, Doga, Voga and all the other playful variations are out there too, and whilst they might seem to poke fun at the ancient practice a tad, people just can’t get enough of them.

#2 The Rise of The Healthy and Ethically Minded Foodie
A new sustainable eating approach commands the plates of health-conscious urbanites. As knowledge of the environment and our impact and food as preventative medicine grows, so do our conscious food choices. Nowadays, the average dinner plate is beginning to look a little more like this: More veg, less meat, organic products when affordable, and non-GM and as locally sourced as possible. By consciously eating foods that nourish the mind, body and show compassion towards the environment, the healthy and ethically minded foodie is born.

#3 Digital Detox
Social media has become the double-edged sword of modern-day life. Whilst the digital world has the power to grow businesses, communities and friendships with like-minded peers, we’re becoming more and more aware of its negative impact on our mental health. Many are swearing oaths to reclaim their lives, by taking a step back to a more analogue way of living; spending quality times with friends, journeying into the wilderness and reconnecting with the real world, with no screens attached.
#4 Conscious Living

There’s been a serious shift in our awareness and compassion towards the environment. Never before have conscious-living movements been so rife: reducing plastic usage, limiting meat consumption, embracing zero waste, sourcing local produce and buying from independent traders, are just a few role model movements to embrace. Big brands, too, have begun to take responsibility for their axtions by implementing sustainable packaging and giving back with charity funds and awareness campaigns. Not only are we finally beginning to give our planet the TLC it deserves, but we have realized that by treading more lightly, we bring peace into our own lives too.

#5 The Importance of Understanding The Self
Self-care is no longer an indulgence, but part of any wellness warrior’s daily diet. By investing time in self-care and mindfulness practices, we are able to journey deep within ourselves and connect with our higher selves. Our thirst for self-awareness enables us to create healthier relationships and boundaries, seek careers that fulfil us and create a life that we simply love. We are on a quest to find happiness, peace and fulfilment within our everyday lives.

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