5 Wellness Trends Consumers Can't Get Enough Of

By Welltodo
Mar 26, 2019
5 Wellness Trends Consumers Can't Get Enough Of
As our engagement with wellness continues to expand beyond the realms of diet culture and one-size-fits-all exercise concepts to encompass a more informed and proactive approach –– encompassing everything from tracking our sleep cycles to balancing our chakras –– the $4.2 trillion global wellness industry is responding by creating more innovative and effective solutions than ever before.
Today there are thousands of different ways we can enhance our wellbeing, and what’s even better is that they’re being shaped by us, the consumer.
Demanding that businesses provide credible and sustainable solutions to everything from loneliness and digital overload to optimal performance and chronic illness, we’re shaping what it means to be ‘well’ and forcing brands to rethink the way they engage with us and the wider world.                   
With that in mind, here we explore 5 of the biggest wellness trends in the world right now… and how we are the driving force behind them.
1. Sexual Wellness


From the period-positive brands like LOLA and Thinx that are revolutionising the feminine care market, to the sleek gender-neutral sex essentials brands like Maude, “built on the tenets of inclusivity, simplicity and quality”, wellness companies are making it more acceptable and more accessible than ever for us to openly converse about and take control of our intimate health.


By employing a taboo-busting approach and using authentic and engaging messaging, these brands are capturing our imagination and bridging the gap between our sexual health and overall wellness.

From self-testing kits and connected trackers to new age fertility labs that fuse technology with holistic treatments, the future of sexual health looks set to be empowering and consumer-led.

2. At-Home Fitness
Thanks to our unquenchable demand for more flexible, accessible and convenient exercise solutions, a host of at-home fitness offerings are emerging, aiming to compete in the $14 billion at-home fitness equipment market.
Hydrow by Crew is attempting to have the same impact as at-home spinning concept Peloton but with indoor rowing, connected fitness company Fiit, which offers at-home bodyweight workouts that track calories burned and reps counted, has ambitions to ‘to revolutionise the fitness world’ and Mirror, a futuristic device, which features an interactive LCD display with an embedded camera and speakers, wants to provide real-time interactive instruction across classes ranging from cardio and boxing to strength or yoga.
With Technogym, ClassPass and other fitness pioneers also getting in on the act, the ability to replicate the live class experience from the comfort of our own homes is getting easier than ever.

3. Mind-Altering Moments
As our quest for optimal performance gains momentum, the desire for solutions that claim to boost brain health, enhance focus and increase productivity has intensified, spurring a wave of natural alternatives to "smart drugs".
And as we seek out quick and easy solutions to help us boost our performance beyond the four walls of the gym, nootropic ingredients like bacopa, ginkgo and rhodiola rosea are flooding the supplement and nutrition sectors.
From Form’s cognitive supplements combining herbal extracts with nootropics that claim to keep mental performance at its peak to Botanic Lab’s CBD Botanical Tea –– heralded for its ability to reduce anxiety and promote clarity –– new product development is on the rise, so expect to see even more powders, gummies, drinks and ready-to-eat products hitting supermarket shelves in the near future.
4. Inclusivity
Frustrated with the white-washed, elitist and marginalised nature of the wellness sector, as consumers we’ve been biting back by forming our own body positivity movements on social media, cultivating inclusive fitness communities and boycotting brands that don’t represent our cultural or ethnic identities. In response brands have been rethinking the way they market themselves.

Recently US gym chain Blink Fitness altered its advertising strategy to reflect a wider audience. Instead of using models, the company enlisted real life members of varying shapes and sizes to challenge industry norms and connect with a wider demographic. In London, Run Dem Crew has been knocking down the barriers to health and fitness more organically. And even CrossFit has been forced to represent a wider demographic after its community hit back over its lack of representation of the transexual community. Gradually inclusivity is becoming an integral practice for wellness brands, and we’re totally here for it.

5. Healthy Convenience
Taking the lead from specialist grocers like Planet Organic and Whole Foods, which stock a much wider variety of niche, organic and health-focused options, the convenience stores of today are shifting their offerings to appeal to our health-conscious generation.
The recently opened Goods Mart in Los Angeles, is ‘a place filled with upgrades to typical convenience store staples’. Making better‑for‑you options easily accessible, the store stocks a curation of over 300 mission‑driven products including kombucha slushies and grain free tortilla chips.
Supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, meanwhile, are also starting to mirror the curated and convenient offerings of health food stores by launching dedicated ‘wellness hubs’. By bringing its entire range of wellness and sports nutrition products together, it means us health-conscious shoppers can find everything we need quickly and easily –– all under one roof.

No longer does health-consciousness mean sacrificing convenience.
*Trends taken from Welltodo’s 2019 Consumer Wellness Trends Report – available to download in full from www.welltodoglobal.com
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