Self-Defence Workshop

By triyoga
May 01, 2017
Self-Defence Workshop
In today's ever-changing climate and with increased perceived danger—it’s more important than ever to feel safe and secure. Learning self-defense has MANY benefits and the skills can be acquired in a short amount of time with the correct instruction and the willingness to practice and execute the techniques. 
Here are seven self-defence benefits and tips from Sifu Matthew Cohen.

1. Feeling comfortable in one's skin
2. Primal natural strength
3. More confidence
4. Better coordination
5. Heightened sense of awareness a.k.a. Spidey senses
6. A better body - a more functional, flexible, and stronger physique
7. Anxiety and stress reduction
Self defense tips
1. Be Aware
Know your surroundings and the people and things you see. For example: is the door at the restaurant you are in a push or a pull door? Why is that man in July wearing a trench-coat ? Perhaps he is  homeless or it's his favorite coat or maybe he's covering needle tracks or concealing a weapon.
2. Safety Zones
GREEN ZONE - SAFE - 20 feet or more from danger
YELLOW ZONE - CAUTION - 10 feet from danger or proximally two large steps
RED ZONE-DANGER - One step from danger
3. Communication
Let friends know where you're going and when you arrive.
4. You get more with an open hand than a closed fist 
Open hands cover more surface area when striking, have less chance of breaking hand, and travel faster than the first.
5. Man's best friend
A dog is a great companion, an alarm system ,and a protector.
6. What's up, Doc
A Doctor will check your eyes, ears, nose, throat and genitals. These are the primary targets to disable an assailant.

7. Fixed weapons
If you’re attacked, there's always a fixed weapon nearby. A fixed weapon is a stationary structure like a tree, building, wall, fire hydrant the ground etc.

Matthew Cohen will cover these tips more in-depth during his triyoga self-defence workshop at Balance Festival. Book your spot now.
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