How To Master The Art of Slowing Down

By Rituals
May 16, 2018
How To Master The Art of Slowing Down
Modern life is like a high-speed train. People step on and off the train, always heading to their next destination, the next item on their to-do list, the next big thing. The landscape is just outside the window, but most of us are moving too fast to truly see and experience the beauty it radiates. How can we change this? 

At Rituals we believe you have to be present in the moment—every moment. Take the time to transform everyday routines into meaningful rituals and you’ll rediscover the beauty of life. We can hear you thinking, “that sounds wonderful, but I’m just too busy. Besides, I don’t even know how to start slowing down.” As the Zen proverb goes, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day—unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” 
Here are 5 ways you can slow down by infusing meaning into everyday tasks: 
1. Take the Long Way Home 
Instead of taking the fastest mode of transport, take the one that brings you the most pleasure. One that allows you experience the sights, sounds and smells of being outside.  
2. Create the Soundtrack To Your Life
Music is said to be the language of the soul. Put on your favourite playlist and let it wash over you for a few minutes every day. Sing aloud with a track and move to the beat: both are scientifically proven to lower stress levels.  
3. Do a Digital Detox
We all love our smartphones and enjoy the convenience of being “plugged in” 24/7. But when we rely too heavily on the internet, it can take a toll on our mental health. Slowing down your social media presence helps you rediscover the beauty of everyday life. 
4. Bring Soulfulness into Your Kitchen
Take the time to prepare and savour each meal. When you do this, you transform a daily routine into a meaningful ritual that gives you the opportunity to empty your mind and focus on the food.  
5. Live from A to ZZZZzzzzz
Your mind, body and soul depend on sleep. Make your bedroom your sanctuary with candles and relaxing scents for the sweetest dreams.  

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