The Austrian Hotspots That Will Make You Feel Alive

May 16, 2019
The Austrian Hotspots That Will Make You Feel Alive
When was the last time you felt truly alive? When you felt the cool current of a pristine mountain stream flow between your toes, or sensed warming rays of a morning sunrise greet your daily sun salutation? If it’s been too long to remember, it’s time to step outside your yoga studio and reconnect with nature in the sensory smorgasbord that is Austria’s rolling hills, alpine forests and mountain lakes.

Not only will it make for a welcome break from the daily commute, recent research suggests spending more time immersed in nature has a host of powerful benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing too. Time to kick off those shoes, roll up your trousers and jump in!

Find Your Flow on the Shores of Lake Zell

Yoga was designed to be embraced in the great outdoors – and there’s no better natural studio to reflect and meditate than perched atop a mountain overlooking the glistening Lake Zell in SalzburgerLand. Around Zell am See-Kaprun, local yogis will lead you through a revitalising flow among Austria’s awe-inspiring landscapes, where a gentle breeze and the scent of fresh pines can heighten the senses and enhance your daily asanas.

At the Wieshof swimming beach at Lake Zell you can even hire stand up paddleboards or join a SUP yoga course for an extra challenge - you’ll certainly feel revived as you let the water lap your skin.

Further west in St Anton am Arlberg in Tirol you can combine your downward dogs with upward hikes at the picturesque region’s fourth Mountain Yoga Festival between 5-8 September 2019.

Ground Yourself in Nature on the Barefoot Trails of Brandnertal

Walk on the wild side along this purpose-built all-terrain trail in the western province of Vorarlberg. Splash through spring water, be tickled by lush grassland and feel the crunch of pine beneath your feet as you connect with nature like never before. It’ll teach you to feel every step, move mindfully in the moment and respect the land beneath your feet.

By the end of the one hour, 3.3km hike you’ll have ditched any reservations you previously held and find yourself jumping feet first into every opportunity that comes your way. Mother nature never felt so good!

Soothe Your Skin in the Thermal Springs of Bad Gastein

The spa town of Bad Gastein, nestled in the High Tauern mountains south of Salzburg, is a haven of thermal springs and top spas. After a long hike you’ll be dying to bathe your weary muscles in the warm restorative waters around this alpine resort mecca. 

Radon thermal treatment, a natural tonic for your respiratory system said to stabilise the immune system and alleviate skin problems and allergies can be found in the Gasteiner Healing Caves. The cave’s warm allergen and dust-free air hovers between 37.5 and 41.5 degrees, raising the body’s core temperature which stimulates the immune system and results in healthier, brighter looking skin. 

Alternatively, the
AquaDome in Ötztal, Tirol, is another incredible option. An award-winning thermal spa – it was proclaimed the world’s best mineral & hot springs spa in 2018 – the AquaDome is surrounded by the picturesque mountain landscape of Ötztal, where you can find 250 mountains above 3000m altitude
There’s no excuse not to soothe your body and feel fully revived the next time you pass through the natural paradise that is Austria!

Want to find out more about how to revive your senses in Austria? Visit the Austrian Tourist Board’s mindfulness guides

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