The Most Delicious Mocktails For Every Occasion

May 17, 2019
The Most Delicious Mocktails For Every Occasion
From Dry January to Sober October, more and more of us are embracing sober living – or, at the very least, trying to cut back a little on how much we drink. However, that doesn’t mean we’re willing to sacrifice our fun. We still want to go to parties, drink the punch or unwind with something special at the end of the day – we just don’t want the headache afterwards.

Fortunately, the days when cocktails were strictly alcoholic and staying sober meant opting for a lime and soda water are long gone; today, ordering a mocktail is just as respectable as the real deal.

For the health-conscious among us, combining the decision to stay sober with delicious ingredients that taste great is a no-brainer. Feeling fresh both the next morning and in the longer term seems like a win-win situation, after all.

With that in mind, we asked the team at KeVita, who make quirky Californian kombuchas bursting with millions of live cultures, to deliver some of their favourite mocktail recipes!

When You Need A Holiday: The Beach Trader

The Pineapple Peach KeVita used in this mocktail provides a sparkly, sassy twist, while the coconut undertones of the tropical juice will make you feel like you’re on a white-sand beach, far away from city life!
With no cocktail shakers, fancy gadgets or dry ice required, it’s a great choice for when you’re in need of a post-work wind-down drink, with minimal effort.

What you’ll need

  • 100ml Pineapple Peach KeVita
  • 50ml Tropical juice
  • 10ml Fruit cordial
  • A wedge of pineapple
  1. Take a highball glass and start by adding tropical juice.
  1. Next, pour in 100ml of Pineapple Peach KeVita
  1. Add your shot of fruit cordial and give it all a good stir - you’re almost there!
  1. Top is all off with a wedge of pineapple – and for added holiday vibes, don’t forget a colourful cocktail umbrella!
When You Need Inspiration: Total Enlightenment

For a spicy, flavour packed drink, try the Total Enlightenment.

It’s tangy Ginger KeVita gives it more of a ‘stiff drink’ aura than your average mocktail, while the spices from the chai give it a lively kick!

What you’ll need

  • 100ml Ginger KeVita
  • 25ml Chai
  • 10ml Palm Syrup
  • A small chunk of ginger
  1. Pour 100ml of Ginger KeVita over ice.
  1. Add 25ml of chai and a dash of palm syrup!
  1. Seal the deal on that ‘stiff drink’ feel by dusting the rim of the glass with a little chai spice powder and adding a chunk of ginger!

When You’re Feeling Cheeky: The Cherry Bomb

This fun concoction uses KeVita’s Tart Cherry kombucha to create a party-perfect mocktail that works for one person or 100. This recipe is for just one glass, but to make it into a punch that will prove popular, you’ll just need to scale up!

What you’ll need

  • 100ml Cherry KeVita
  • 15ml Wild berry syrup
  • A healthy glug of soda
  • A sprig of mint
  • A couple of berries, to garnish
  1. Pour 100ml of Cherry KeVita into a highball glass
  1. Mix in 15ml of berry syrup
  1. Add the spring of mint, and swirl.
  1. Top up with desired amount of soda water or lemonade
  1. For added fanciness, add a couple of berries. 

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