In The Spotlight: Rebecca Veksler (SoL Cups Founder)

By Balance Festival Team
Nov 20, 2018
In The Spotlight: Rebecca Veksler (SoL Cups Founder)
If you haven’t already found your very own reusable coffee cup this season, we’ve got just the one for you.  Put some SOL into your morning coffee, with a hand-blown resuable glass cup by SoL Cups. Not only do they keep your coffee warm and tasting delicious, but they genuinely feel like they belong in your hand! We caught up with Founder Rebecca Veksler to find out how SoL Cups are set to set to end waste and embrace taste.
Tell us about the birth of SoL Cups?
SoL Cups were born out of a desire to create a platform for education on all things environmental, sustainable, health –physical, mental health and just a new way to connect to like-minded people. 

Before starting SoL, I was a young 18-year-old personal trainer, passionate by psychology, mental health and a holistic way at looking at the gut and diet. I was managing a small gym, training clients, competing in my own fitness competitions and running a small start up on the side (a mental health workshop to corporate offices). I was literally overworking beyond my means. I already had chronic fatigue since I was 14, so pushing myself beyond my limits was just something deeply ingrained. I was a do-er. 
Of course you can imagine I burnt out pretty quickly! I woke up one day, unable to walk, move from bed, I couldn’t even lift an empty glass, struck with chronic pain from head to toe. This was many months of recovery and slow progress; for a long time thinking a wheel chair or walking stick was my fate. Autoimmune disease is something I really want to open up about with SOL - a way to express what it means to create balance and really care for your self and the environment. And how that is innately linked. How horrid plastic is for our world and our body; why we need to stop it from the source, less production, less consumption; how fatal it is for our body and hormones, and the planets animals and land. 
You can imagine it’s hard to condense my story into a few paragraphs! It’s been an amazing journey. I still have to manage my autoimmune every day; some days are better than others! I’m always learning. The most important thing is to remain positive and listen to your body. I am learning so much about mental health, healing and what true balance really means. SoL Cups were accidentally born in the middle of all of this, as a coping mechanism. (I used to bring a glass from home to work every morning because I refused to purchase a plastic re-usable cup).  We used to joke with my mum and I about designing our own, (Mum is my business partner). And I guess when there is so much passion, purpose and desire to create something good then it connects with the rest of the world and it just works! 
What are SoL Cups?
SoL Cups are 100% hand blown glass cups and water bottles - unlike anything else you’ve used. We have hemp accessories, vegan cleaning brushes for our bottles and straws and promote a balanced, plastic-free lifestyle. We are ending waste and embracing taste.
How do you believe your product will benefit the world?
Our mission is to end single-use plastics, as well as decrease the need for plastic production all together. We are passionate about supporting community projects, which goals reflect ours, as well as help to educate our community about the problems we face due to plastic production, and the easy things we can do to decrease our individual plastic footprint.

What are your views on the current plastic climate?
It’s a scary thought to be honest - you can see all over the world laws are changing and processes are being put in place, passionate people from the whole globe come together to start groups and chambers. This is AMAZING - but is it enough? What really needs to happen is more recycling capabilities (no greenwashing). I believe we need more eco solutions to power and energy; less consumer consumption, less plastic production and better education. 
How do you think this will change? Will it ever change? 

It is changing, but at such a slow rate in comparison to how quickly the global environment is changing. The stats are pretty shocking. But if we all just changed our “lazy” attitudes and actually begin to make changes in our own every day lives, or weren’t scared to attempt to impact the person next to us! You wont believe the impact we can make! It all starts with us, we are the change makers – but we just need to start moving. 
What words of advice would you like to give to our throwaway society? 
Consume less. We literally don’t need 3/4 of the things we consume and purchase. If you just consciously made a decision based on what you genuinely needed, perhaps you would start to notice how much lighter your every day life feels.
What one tip would you give to people to live more sustainably? 
Take it step by step. No one is holding a gun to your head. Just start with one thing at a time, until it gradually becomes natural and exciting and empowering to continue on the plastic-free journey. 
Tell us more about the design of your Sol Cups – What are they made of? How come they feel so perfect to hold?

This is the fun part. This was designed by our amazing graphic designer and myself. Everything I create is based around psychology and human behaviour; how certain colours feel and react to our mind, the packaging is created to release endorphins and oxytocin when opening, inspired by Apple. Our glass shape was designed to be the most exceptional and positive drinking experience. I wanted it to look elegant and light. Our silicon sleeves are silky smooth, and our signature SoL glass is 100% hand blown glass, meaning a more sustainable manufacturing process, creating less emissions, less waste and a cleaner solution to re-usable products. My thinking goes far beyond just creating a pretty cup. It’s about creating an authentic process, that is as sustainable as possible. 
Our SoL accessories are made from 100% hemp for our waterproof pouches and tote bags. Our thermal bands and lids are chemical and plastic free silicon. Our  100% vegan brushes are designed to be the perfect solution for our straws and water bottles. 
It’s a holistic way of producing something I’m incredibly proud of. I can’t wait to show you what is coming next for SoL! 
Where are they available to buy? 

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