The 9 Best Boutique Workouts in London

By Balance Festival Team | Natalie Blow
Nov 05, 2018
The 9 Best Boutique Workouts in London
We are back. London’s epicenter of boutique fitness, Balance Festival, returns to unite all the city’s very best boutique studios under one roof. Join the UK’s biggest celebration of the wellness movement, where you can test-drive bespoke innovative workouts, sweat it out with leading trainers and explore the latest fitness trends, all for a fraction of the cost! Think of it like speed dating for fitness.
For 2019, we proudly present our killer boutique studio line-up, comprised of 9 of London’s very best fitness cohorts. Get to know each studio’s personal mission, learn from our trusted ambassadors and start planning your fitness goals for Balance Festival 2019, right here, right now!


Another_Space are hellbent on pushing limits to achieve goals in the most exhilarating environment, with the best soundtracks to fuel any workout. They’re notorious for their challenging HIIT45 workout - powering through explosive speed rounds, taking it out on the bag and then take it down to floor for toning strength exercises. Check them out, right here!

Barry's Bootcamp


When Barry's arrived in London from LA, nearly 6 years ago, their aim was to change the game and become The Best Workout In The World. Barry’s is based around the simple idea of shocking your body with a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises, enhanced by a night-club sound system and red lighting to amplify torching calorie burning! Their workouts include interval cardiovascular routines on Woodway treadmills and strength training utilising free weights. Find out more, here!


BLOK is all about cross training between disciplines – encouraging individuals to try something new in the all-inclusive and educational environment they set up. Their classes are both intense and effective - designed to build strength, speed and flexibility. Each one of their trainers is a master in their field, with the passion and knowledge to safely push each and every individual’s boundaries. Are you ready?

BOOM Cycle

Boom Cycle believes workouts should be a chance to escape - a time where you can cut loose and leave the rest of the world at the door. They turn the lights down low, crank up the world class sound system and take spinners on a party-on-a-bike experience. No numbers, no competition, just fun and wild moments of joy. Boom Cycle will encourage you, high-five you, make you sweat, support you, entertain you, inspire you and above all, BOOM you. Everyone can be, and is a part of, the Boom Cycle experience. Find out more!


Combining cardio and strength/resistance exercises for a full body workout, F45 will push your fast and slow-twitch muscle fibres to the limits with explosive plyometric movements, agility drills and body weight cardio-accelerators, plus strength building. 


KXU offers the whole package when it comes to fitness, offering various strength, sweat and stretch-based classes to get stuck into. Their studios are designed to deliver the best possible immersive experience, with world-class teachers, festival quality audio systems and theatrical lighting, including glitter balls and power leader boards. Their goal is to bring likeminded people together to bridge the gap between fitness, YOU – their KX crew. Find out more!

Method Movement

Being famous for their glute activation series, Method is bound to have your booty on fire from the get go! Expect kettle bells and bodyweight supersets for maximum calorie and serious booty burn.

Third Space

In our glorious, maddening city, your workout with Third Space can be the difference between a good and a bad day. Third Space are a collection of luxury health clubs scattered across London - individual in style, bound by a common philosophy: to provide outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own. Find out more! 


A training and conditioning studio offering a trio of cardio, strength, and mobility focused classes, all incorporating the concept of working as a UN1T to complete the class. Training as one UN1T, all participants are encouraged to motivate and push their fellow members to get out of their comfort zone and complete their workout as one. Find out more!

Fancy test-driving all of London's best boutique studios under one roof? Book your classes now at Balance Festival 2019, while you can! 


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