Third Space

Nov 05, 2018
Third Space
The Fitness Mission...

In our glorious, maddening city, your workout with Third Space can be the difference between a good and a bad day. Third Space are a collection of luxury health clubs scattered across London - individual in style, bound by a common philosophy: to provide outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own.

At Balance Festival 2019...

This is the Formula to get you fit, fast. 3 Disciplines, 3 rounds. The ultimate workout. The class has three distinct components, rowing, dumbbell and bodyweight work. Each component lasts 4-5 minutes and runs at a high intensity. In a full 50 minute session you visit each component 3 times, which makes for a killer workout!
The rowing will come at you in HIIT protocols or in gruelling max distance efforts. The dumbbell and bodyweight work could be AMRAPs, EMOMs or rounds for time. It’s brutal but effective.

Workout with Ambassador Luke Barnsley...

"From regular participation in this class you can expect increases in cardiovascular power and endurance, torch body fat and lower your resting heart rate. You can also expect huge improvements on rowing and weight lifting technique." - Luke Barnsley
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