Why Self-Care is Actually Selfless

By Julie Montagu
Oct 12, 2016
Why Self-Care is Actually Selfless
Forgetting to adequately care for yourself is easily done when you feel like you have a hundred different things that take priority. Whether it is your children, your career or some other major responsibility that keeps you busy, it can be difficult to factor in the time to look after yourself. Making time for self-care is not only incredibly important, in fact it far from distracts you from your responsibilities, it actually enables you to be more focused - not to mention happier and healthier!


what exactly do we mean when we talk about self-care, and why is it important?

The term itself is the collective definition for a long list of things that you can do for yourself to improve your overall well-being. These things range from small acts, such as repeating positive affirmations to yourself, to more extensive self-care efforts, such as a regular exercise routine and making time for meditation.
Emotional exhaustion is a very real problem and can actually lead to physical illnesses. When you understand how important your own well-being is and you work towards maintaining it, you will be protecting yourself against this kind of exhaustion.
So now that you know what it is, how can you work to practice self-care?
Find a balance between your life and your work
One of the best ways in which you can promote self-care for yourself is to strike a sensible balance between your work life and your personal life. Work worries are a huge source of stress for a large number of people, and it is important to find a way to leave work at work. Don’t let your job define you! Make a real effort to work reasonable hours and when the working day is finished, make sure you leave these worries in the office. Furthermore, find ways to enjoy your free time and make the most of your time spent away from work - which takes us to my next point…
Find things you enjoy doing and do them
Make sure that you make time for the things that will help you to combat your work stress, such as exercise and hobbies. Actually scheduling these activities into your diary will help you to stick to them. Be adventurous with your choices and don’t be afraid to try activities and sports that you have no experience of!
Embrace self-care as a permanent part of your life
It is important to remember that self-care is not a one-off thing to be crossed off your to-do list. It is an ongoing concept that you should pay attention to every day. This can be tricky to commit to at first, but after a while you will no longer have to make a conscious effort to include self-care in your routine. It will become normal and natural.
Be your own best friend
It often seems much simpler to take the easy options in life instead of the route that will bring you the most happiness in the future. When you find that you are at a crossroads, choose the path you would advise your best friend to take. Deeply consider the consequences and benefits of both and then truly commit to your decision.
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