How To Live More Sustainably This Winter

By Balance Festival Team | Natalie Blow
Oct 23, 2018
How To Live More Sustainably This Winter
What would the winter season be, without warm bubble baths, cozy days spent indoors and cups of cocoa in hand? Bleak. However, as we all begin to turn on our gas-guzzling heating furnaces, we’re faced with some of the heaviest months of fossil fuel usage. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of the CO2 emissions produced by the UK come from heating and cooling in buildings. Just a 2oc increase in office temperature alone, creates enough CO2 in a year to fill a hot air balloon.

This winter we’re all about finding eco-friendly alternatives to see us through the cold spells, without compromising our comfort and the planet. Get geared up in all the best winter clobber, induce localized heating with hearty stews, and choose your coffee cups wisely! Have a very merry green winter season.
Ride The Storm
There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Reduce your carbon footprint this season and ride the wintery storm like a champ. But, don’t forget to get geared up in the right clothing first. We’re digging Casall’s M Wind Jacket – this wind and water resistant jacket has mesh ventilation in the back, which makes it perfectly breathable for morning commutes on two wheels. Although, bagging a pair of Girlfriend Collective’s plastic-bottle recycled leggings will earn you double Brownie points.

Warm The Cockles with One Pot Wonders
Nothing quite warms the cockles like a seasonal wintry stew. Stews are a fabulous way to earn your eco-warrior stripes as they: can include seasonal veg, encourage fridge cleaning of left over ingredients, and induce localised heating within our own bodies. Warm up from the inside out with this delicious, hearty one pot wonder by The Medicinal Chef – Butternut, Lentil and White Bean Winter Warmer.

Switch Up Your Warm Brew
Although it might not be what any devoted British tea drinker wants to hear, but most teabags actually contain plastic. Surprising, or not? If you’re a cupa-holic and can’t imagine passing a winter without a warm brew in hand, then switch your average teabag for a delicately made plastic-free bag by Teapig’s instead. Not only are they eco-friendly, but their delicious bursting flavours are endless!

Heat Your House Smart
Although it might be classically tempting to leave the heating on for when you get home, it’s neither efficient for your bank account, nor the planet. Hello. It’s the 21st century. Embrace technology of today and get a smart Hive Heating System installed, so you can control your heating from wherever you may be. Accidentally left the heating on? No bother. It’s just simply genius.
Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup or Flask
With the plastic-free hype taking over conscious awareness, you’ll no doubt understand the implications of throwaway coffee cups by now. If you haven’t already found your very own reusable coffee cup this season, we’ve got just the one for you. Sol Cup’s are made from hand-blown glass to end waste and embrace taste. Not only do they keep your coffee warm and tasting delicious, but they genuinely feel like they belong in your hand. 

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