Why Do We Really Care About Wellness?

By Ludovic Rossignol | Founder of Balance
Oct 05, 2018
Why Do We Really Care About Wellness?
What compels us to experiment with the latest food innovation? Or have the urge to test drive the latest fitness regime? Could we be becoming guinea pigs of our own lab in a quest to become the healthiest and fittest? Where does happiness and fulfilment lie in all this? 
If these questions sound familiar, you are probably one of many Londoners embracing an epicurean approach to achieving health and wellness – balancing guilty indulgence and healthy practices as a way of life.  Perhaps you are on the other side of the spectrum and it’s all about training like a beast and consistently eating lean – that’s also fine.  Or maybe, fitness-as-a-way of life isn’t part of your motto and, for you, life balance means quality time with friends and stimulating conversations.  We are all different and finding our own happiness is a very personal endeavour.
Here at Balance, we are all about bio-individuality and inspiring our readers to find balance in their life on their own terms, whatever it might be.
We are kicking off the Autumnal season by asking you some essential questions that will help us shape up the future of Balance Festival. Whatever your aspirations and wherever you are on your own inner wellness revolution pathway, we want to know your answers to the following questions:
  1. Do you recall the first time you thought to yourself, ‘wow, i feel inspired, I want to be the healthiest version of me’?
  2. Where and when did you last workout and feel completely empowered by the vibe and energy that emanated from the studio?
  3. Can you pin point the last place you went out for dinner and thought that the overall experience, from the warm welcome, the service, the food, the interior design and all the minor details were spot on, on all levels?
  4. What was the latest brand you felt compelled to fall in love with, not only for the quality of their product, but for what they stood for?  Think tone of voice, values and a brand whose ethos acted as an extension of who you are as an individual.

At Balance, we are inquisitive by nature and would love you to think and tell us what triggers you to become that healthiest version of you. From food, fitness, wellness, travel, beauty, fashion and emotional intelligence, Balance is a celebration of inspiring people, mind-stimulating individuals and boundary-pushing folks, that get it. In our view, wellness is a way of life that take a myriad of shape or form.  Wellness should be holistically and personally integrated across all aspects of our modern life in a way that makes sense to us as individuals.
To help us get under the skin of what wellness truly means for you, we’d like to invite you to partake in our annual Balance Trend Survey – click here to begin.
Not only will you have the chance to reflect on what truly matters to you and what brings you happiness, but you’ll automatically enter our prize draw to win a wellness retreat in Portugal.

If you’d like to respond to this article directly, you can reach me by email here.
Thank you for your generous support, as always.

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