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Rehydration Station

As the hydration partner for Balance Festival 2018, Lucozade Sport Fitwater presents the ‘Rehydration Station’ – situated in the Refuel Café. After taking part in any of the expert fitness classes and sessions throughout the festival weekend, immerse yourself in their relaxation zone and rehydrate with Lucozade Sport Fitwater, purified water with four key electrolytes.
Hydration is key for an active lifestyle and sports scientist, Kat Shaw, will be on hand to educate and advise on rehydration and replenishment of the electrolytes you lose during exercise. Discover the science and stories behind the creation and development of Lucozade Sport Fitwater and get active to experience the benefits of electrolyte replenishment first-hand.

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By Lucozade Fitwater
Mar 06, 2018
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