Boutique Studios (2019)
Ever imagined test-driving all your favourite London boutique studios under one roof? This year’s explosive fitness programme is guaranteed to step up your fitness game. Expect 9 fully-fledged boutique fitness studios, each bringing their own unique schedule  - think of it like, a studio from a studio.

Another_Space BOX HIIT Fast and furious, build with the beat. Toning strength exercises with high-energy punch bag work, firing your metabolism to burn extra calories for hours. A full body workout with a warmup followed by alternating sets of floor work and punch bag work. Speed, Power, Explosive.

Barry's Bootcamp CARDIO + STRENGTH Burn calories fast in a music-filled environment where every class feels new, fun and exciting for all levels. Workouts include interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and strength training utilising free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment.

BLOK BLOKSTRENGTH + BLOKPARTY The new studio on the block at the Festival this year, BLOK will be bringing a challenging strength training programme, as well as a unique dance party experience. Get moving, shred off those niggling calories and sweat it out to your favourite tunes!

Boom Cycle RIDE A bike-based, music-focused fitness experience through which you can Cut Loose and leave the rest of the world at the door, where for 30 minutes it’s just you, your bike and at the end the realisation of how powerful you are. No numbers, no competition, just fun.

F45 CIRCUIT TRAINING Combining cardio and strength/resistance exercises for a full body workout, F45 will push your fast and slow-twitch muscle fibres to the limits with explosive plyometric movements, agility drills and body weight cardio-accelerators, plus strength building. 

Hotpod Yoga SIGNATURE HOTPOD FLOW Experience hot yoga inside a cocoon like pod heated to 37 degrees. You’ll stretch further, breathe deeper, sweat harder and melt fully into the Hotpod experience – a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and calming the mind in equal measure. 

KXU THE GAMES Physical and mental fitness collide in a class that will throw everything at you, including the kitchen sink. Bring your competitive strong man/woman training as you wield a sledge hammer, flip a tyre and push a sled, breaking down your endurance barricades.

Method Movement BONDI METHOD Being famous for their glute activation series, Method is bound to have your booty on fire from the get go! Expect kettle bells and bodyweight supersets for maximum calorie and serious booty burn.

Third Space FORMULA3 Ready to dig deep and push hard? Third Space will take you through their brand new Formula 3 class, a competitive, high intensity circuit with 3 targeted blocks, for a full spectrum workout.
Get fit in 1…2….3.

UN1T SQUAD Working together as a UN1T, classes will help you burn as many calories as possible, whist learning to work as a team. Strategy, communication and teamwork will be essential for their signature Squad workout.

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