Stretch your way through a highly curated yoga program, at our exciting debut yoga studio. All classes are free and can be joined on a first-come, first-served basis Sponsored by Kevita, the master brew Kombucha drink.


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FRAME Presents: Elton John Yin + Yang Andy Kobelinsky Celebrate both the Yin & Yang elements of yoga to the sound of the legend that is Elton John. You'll start with a dynamic flow to energise the body (ref. standing balances to "I'm Still Standing") before moving into the Yin section to calm both the mind and release any tension in the body (ref. shoulder stand to "Rocket Man") Leave feeling pumped and ready for an incredible day at Balance.

TIME: 09-30:10-30

Inversions Marc Hatvani Join Marc Hatvani for an action packed practice that will get you upside down! With techniques and fun transitions, you’ll get a chance learn, try and fly. Arm balances & handstands a planty.

TIME: 10.45-11.10

Slow The Flow Annie Clarke Sometimes a yoga class moves so quickly that we miss the whole point while trying to keep up. In this class, we will be slowing things down to create really conscious transitions to stretch, strengthen and get connected to body, mind and breath. Don't be put off by the speed, there is a lot of strength to be found in the subtlety of softness.

TIME: 11.25-12.15

Learning To Fly Chris Magee Join Chris Magee to learn the tools & techniques to get upside down in your yoga practice. Wanna learn how to crow? or forearm stand? This session will focus on understanding the details for inversions. All levels welcome, come ready to play, come ready to fly!

TIME: 12.30-12.55

Power Yoga Michael James Wong Join Michael James Wong for a fun filled Power Yoga Flow! Open for all levels from brand new yogi’s to seasoned sun saluters. This vinyasa yoga class will focus on moving and breathing together, trying fun sequences and experience the power of the practice together. Everyone’s welcome.

TIME: 13.10-14.00

Awakening Yoga Solar Practice Patrick Beach & KeVita Together we will explore the Awakening Yoga Solar Practice. This intuitive flowing practice asks for your full attention through both challenging movement and complete stillness. Shifting within the balance of organic freedom and structure as go beyond our we explore new ways to create harmony in the yoga practice. 

TIME: 14.15-15.00

Yoga Sonora Lotte Bowser Come and sample a new immersive wellness experience, combining yoga and movement with deep house and melodic techno from around the globe. Expect to hear exotic grooves, tribal percussion and world vocals, as you are guided through an invigorating exploration of yoga and movement both on and around your mat. All levels are welcome and sparkly attire is encouraged!

TIME: 15.15-15.40

BLOK Flow Letty Mitchell Breath is synchronised to the movement of your body through this 25 minute session, creating a dynamic flowing practise that will allow you to open and release your body whilst toning, conditioning and strengthening.

TIME: 15.55-16.20

House of Voga Presents: VOGA CLASSIC Daisy May 80s classics including Voodoo Ray and Diana Ross - Introduces you to classic VOGA moves - one not to miss so you can Queenie and VOGA Xpress like a pro.

TIME: 16.35-17.00

House of Voga Presents: VOGA CORE Jess Sudgen Diva and House Beats including Candi Staton and Azari III - Ups the focus on VOGA style and sass. Breath synchronised movement with fierce arm moves and co-ordination comes into its own.

TIME: 17.15-17.40

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10th - 12th May 2019

Old Truman Brewery, London.

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