Rehydrate and rebalance in Lucozade's Sport Fitwater Cool Down Zone, with drop-in cool down classes running across the weekend.

Grab your spot on a mat and let our Lucozade Sport Fitwater ambassadors take you through a 10-minute session.

Take your time in our chill out area and enjoy Lucozade Sport Fitwater so you can stay hydrated and help replenish what you’ve lost in sweat. Fitwater provides magnesium which helps electrolyte balance and helps reduce feelings of tiredness.

About Lucozade Fitwater
When you work out, you lose more than water. You lose electrolytes that help with your body’s functions.

That’s why Lucozade Sport Fitwater contains purified spring water with 4 key electrolytes –Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium & Chloride.
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