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Balance Festival's LAB talks bring together the most respected brands, fastest growing start-ups and influential thinkers in the wellness sector. Sponsored by the FORM, plant-based vegan nutrition


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Introducing The YSHU: Highlights And Insights From Balance Festival's Consumer Research Ludovic Rossignol, CEO & Co-Founder, Balance Festival

TIME: 9:30-9:50

Keeping Up With The Foodies Megan Van Someren, Canteen Consulting, part of JWT

TIME: 9:50-10:10

Certified Wellness: Convergence Between Health & Wellness Worlds Jessica Smith, Senior Creative Researcher, LS:N Global

TIME: 10:10-10:30

Fashion Macrotrends: The Future is Real Peter Gallagher-Witham and Frankie Thorogood, TCA

TIME: 10:30-10:50

Lessons from the Pioneers of the Organic Retail Sector Renee Elliott, Founder, Planet Organic

TIME: 11:10-11:30

Our Journey So Far: What It's Really Like To Build A National Brand And Raise Investment Stephanie Johnson, Kristina Komlosiova Co-Founders, Pollen & Grace

TIME: 11:30-11:50

New Customer Expectations And The Metrics Of Winning In A Fast Changing Consumer Landscape Ibrahim Ibrahim, CEO, Portland Design

TIME: 12:10-12:30

Scaling Up Through Franchise Michael Dean, Head of Franchise, F45

TIME: 13:00-13:20

The Wellness Retention Model Gideon Remfry, Wellness Director, KXU

TIME: 13:20-13:40

DNA Testing For Wellness: The Future Of Personalised Health Andrew Steele, Head of Product, DNA Fitness

TIME: 13:40-14:00

Theragun: From Injury To Leading The Wellness And Recovery Revolution Dr Jason Wersland, Founder, Theragun

TIME: 14:00-14:20

How To Start, Run And Grow A Business With Wellness In Mind Nick Harris, Head of Partnerships Square UK & Guests

TIME: 14:50-15:30

Building a Team for Success Presented by Welltodo Careers Lauren Armes, Founder, Welltodo

TIME: 15:40-16:00

Wellness Architecture and Healthy Buildings: How To Create 'Well' Environments Stephen Marks, Founder, Mind Body Building

TIME: 16:00-16:20

Steel Hotels: Going Full Circle - Getting The H Back Into Hotels Chris Penn, Co-Founder, Steel Hotels

TIME: 16:20-16:40

The Future of Mindfulness Michael James Wong (Just Breathe), Louise Chunn (Planet Mindful), Niraj Shah (Mind:Unlocked), Benny Gould (Global Partnerships, Facebook & Instagram)

TIME: 16:40-17:10

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