This Balance you can get your pre or post work-out coffee satisfaction at their MXLK Bar and the VIP lounge. If you’re looking for a classic they will be serving all the faves as both hot and cold sips. If you are wanting to stretch your flavour legs a little more, they will have some very special signature drinks on offer including the Earl Grey and Date infused oat milk cold brew and their Salted Caramel and Coconut iced chocolate (also made with oat milk).

It’s all about the being greener and Captain Planets that bring their own cup will get a discount. If you are looking for that perfect reusable coffee / summer drinks cup then you can purchase your KeepCup at the MXLK Bar and get your first fill for free.

And if you swing by the MXLK Bar don’t miss your chance to win a year’s worth of coffee, a Minor Figures online voucher and a summer KeepCup.

Cold Brew with Earl Grey & Date Infused Oat Milk
Creating an oat milk infusion is all about highlighting the natural flavours of the coffee to make it a sweet summer treat. The Earl Grey tea highlights the floral characteristics of the coffee while the date offers a nice natural sweetness.  We make the cold brew from the incredible, El Yacon. This Colombian single origin bursts with red berry, caramel and ripe lemon and teams up with the infused milk to make this summer sip one to remember.

140g chopped dates,
4g Earl Grey
1 litre oat milk.
Steep all ingredients for 20 hrs and strain.

Cold brew:
2.25kg El Yacon per 10liters water.
Grind size: French press.
Brew for 20 hrs.

Salted Caramel & Coconut Iced Chocolate
Say what? Summer needs a sophisticated iced chocolate that still satisfies the inner child? We got this!
This special choccie milk takes a summer time classic to the next level with super interesting flavours on ice. Our coffee bar crew have created this special drink by combining West Coast Cocoa chocolate base with our vegan salted caramel using sugar, salt and coconut cream. All made in house and ready for you to slurp throughout summer.

About Ozone
As a coffee company Ozone get to build friendships with a huge variety of interesting & talented people who are embarking on new adventures every day. From coffee lovers through to coffee farmers.

Since starting out in 1998, they have invested in their product, people & community. Back then they were just three passionate people roasting out of a small shop in a provincial New Zealand surf town. Today, the only real difference is they have a lot more friends around the globe to learn things from & to share ideas with.
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