Inspiring healthy action to good health, The LAB showcases exclusive talks from leading experts and influencers in the wellness scene. Curious and entrepreneurial minds are invited to find their flare in the wellness industry, fitness afficiandos can learn how to up their game, and health conscious urbanites can discover how to become the best versions of themselves. Don’t forget your notebooks!


Kickstart Your Fulfilling Career In Wellness Welltodo Are you the person who lives and breathes wellness... but wakes up on a Monday morning to a job you don't love? As the global wellness industry booms, and the number of startups emerging escalates, there are more opportunities than ever to discover your new career in wellness. In this session, you'll be inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge to transition with your existing skill set, or start with a brand new role.

TIME: 09:15-10:00

Mental Wellness Steph Elswood We all have challenges that we face daily, but sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge difference to how we feel about facing them. In this session Healthy Chef Steph, a qualified Mental Health First Aider, leads an illuminating chat on all things Mental Wellness, that will leave you feeling more confident, aware and ready to tackle the world.

TIME: 10:15-11:00

Fitness Goals Carly Rowena, Isaac Chamberlain, Sarah Lindsay What do one of the UK’s most successful fitness influencers, a professional boxer and an Olympian turned PT to the stars have in common? Well, they all know a thing or two about setting fitness goals. In this session we’ll delve into the methods behind making your goals a reality, including setting realistic and achievable targets, keep your motivation high and measuring results.

TIME: 11:15-12:00

How to Make Love Last The School of Life In an age of fast-living, do we give up on love too soon? The School of Life certainly think so. Teaching us that love is not just an emotion but a skill that can be learnt and practised, they share their secrets for keeping the spark alive and feelings strong, including how to develop those all-important communication skills, tips letting your guard down, advice on staying patient, and the one that we all struggle with sometimes – how not to sulk!

TIME: 12:10-12:35

Men's Mental Health Natasha Devon It's well-known men are at a three times higher risk of suicide than women. Traditional wisdom tells us that's because men 'don't talk' and numerous campaigns have called upon men to open up emotionally. Writer and activist Natasha Devon MBE thinks this can come across as victim blaming and that the reasons men are unable to talk, or to be heard when they do, are much more complex. Here, she talks to leader campaigners to on how to tackle this important issue.

TIME: 12:50-13:35

Body Positivity Pandora Paloma, Maeve Madden, Jada Sezer We’re often told to ‘just be’ ourselves and always have confidence, but putting this into practice can be harder than it sounds. Discussing what body positivity means to them, each of our speakers shine a light on their own journey towards self-acceptance, sharing their insights on how to feel fierce. Led by Pandora Paloma, founder of Rooted Living, you’ll learn how to trust your intuition and in doing so, say goodbye to self-loathing.

TIME: 14:05-14:30

Fitness Mistakes You Might Be Making Zanna Van Dijk, Niko Algieri, Helen O'Leary Zanna Van Dijk busts fitness myths with top trainer Niko Algieri and physio to the elite Helen O'Leary. Putting their knowledge bases together, this trio aim to educate and inspire you about how to make the most of your fitness routine, enabling you to get maximum results and ensure long term health benefits.

TIME: 14:50-15.35

Food as Preventative Medicine Euan MacLennan Most of us know that peppermint tea can settle your stomach and understand that turmeric packs a punch against inflammation, but that’s just scratching the surface. In this enlightening session, our panel will be discussing how we can all harness the power of food to prevent illness and which ingredients to look out for.

TIME: 15:50-16:15

Circadian Rhythm Damian Soong, Max Lowery, Dr Adam Collins PhD With a never-ending to-do list, our bodies rely on an internal clock called the Circadian rhythm to keep us moving and get stuff done. In this session, a panel of experts discuss the importance of routine, and share a few helpful steps that we can take to keep this unsung hero in tip top condition.

TIME: 16:30-17:15


Why Now Is The Best Time To Start a Wellness Business Adrienne Hebert, Damian Soong, Lauren Armes Do you have a burning desire to turn your passion for wellness into a thriving business venture? Well, there's no time like the present and you're about to find out why. Adrienne Hebert, TEDx Speaker, talks to some of the industry's leading entrepreneurs to spotlight how they turned ideas into action. Despite the challenges and hurdles they've faced, you'll leave feeling more inspired than ever to get started today.

TIME: 09:30-10:15

Being a Female in the Fitness Industry Alice Liveing Now one of the most recognisable faces in the fitness sphere, personal trainer Alice Liveing is joined by a panel of inspiring speakers for a session that sheds light on the perks – and the challenges – of being female and forging out a career in the fitness industry. Prepare to feel pumped!

TIME: 10:30-11:15

Sustainable Fashion: Bloggers, Brands & Businesses Zanna Van Dijk, Immy Lucas, Natalie Glaze, Sienna Somers Zanna Van Dijk interviews Immy Lucas of the blog Sustainably Vegan, Natalie Glaze co-founder of Stay Wild Swim and Sienna Somers Project Co-ordinator from Fashion Revolution all about sustainable fashion. You will leave this talk feeling educated and inspired, armed with practical tools you can use to make your wardrobe more planet friendly.

TIME: 11:30-12.15

How To Develop Self-Knowledge The School of Life It’s fair to say that self-awareness doesn’t come naturally to everyone - in fact, it’s a notoriously hard art to master. This session teaches us to embrace the immense power of self-knowledge, covering the techniques to allow us to explore our own minds and spot the things we’re not always able to see about ourselves.  Expect to feel challenged and ready for change!

TIME: 12:30-12:55

How To Fulfil Your Potential Through Meditation Will Williams Will will be sharing his insights into making meditation, the ultimate tool in fulfilling your potential. He will provide tips on how his hybrid techniques will help you reduce stress and Anxiety, bring clarity and calm, increase focus, improve sleep, heighten perception and energise - helping you to live your best possible life.

TIME: 13:10-13:35

Taking Sleep Seriously Natalia Bojanic With so much to do and so few hours in a day, getting a solid eight hours of kip every night will seem like a distant dream for many, yet there’s more evidence than ever that getting some shut eye is invaluable to maintaining a healthy body. This lively discussion highlights exactly why you should be taking sleep seriously, as well as offering how to sleep a little easier.

TIME: 13:50-14:35

The Best You Gideon Remfry, Dale Pinnock, Bradley Simmonds Balance by name, balance by nature. In this all-encompassing session, three experts offer their best advice on how to combine different aspects of nutrition, fitness and wellness to create a lifestyle that allows you to be the very best version of yourself, inside and out.

TIME: 14:50-15:35

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