Visit Murad’s Skin Wellness Clinic in the Locker Room this year to discover ground-breaking skincare formulas, receive a personalised skin consultation and glow-on-the-go!

Join us at the Murad Skin Wellness Clinic for a complimentary skin consultation and express facial treatment. Our facials are personalised to address your skin concerns — from fine lines and dehydration to dark spots and breakouts.

Our comprehensive, customised and cutting-edge facials include a deep cleanse, followed by a gentle peel or mask, a hand and arm massage. Conclude the treatment with a concentrated serum, moisturiser and SPF protection for transformative results you can see and feel.

About Murad
Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, is recognised around the world as a leading visionary for his unmatched scientific innovations.  Murad believe there is a powerful connection between skin, body and mind.  Since 1989, their whole person philosophy inspires you to take care of your skin with their efficacious products, a water-rich diet and stress management.
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