Catie Miller

Catie Miller, owner and founder of Xtend Barre London, is a former dancer and performer who has lived in London for the past 7 years. After receiving her Bachelor’s from Arizona State University she decided to head across the pond for a change of pace. She began working as the Retail Manager for the highest grossing beauty counter within Selfridges London with 100+ team members under her portfolio. Catie had another ‘change of pace’ moment when she became a mother. Upon having her son she decided to elevate her love for fitness and wellbeing. During this time she found Xtend Barre and has been inspired ever since! Finding a workout that sculpts, strengthens and motivates was something that developed a deeper love and understanding of Xtend Barre, bringing her back to her dance roots. She continues to develop her strength and passion for fitness whilst building relationships with clients. Catie is also STOTT Pilates trained and certified.

When the workout burns and the change begins to happen Catie loves to remind her hard working clients… “Welcome to Xtend Barre”!
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By Catie Miller
Dec 14, 2016
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