Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, embodies an irresistible fusion – the ancient tranquility of the Pacific Islands with a sun-kissed, Australian life of healthy, vigorous activity.

As a child, Shona trained in Sydney as a classical dancer and elite gymnast. It was on this foundation that she built Strength and Conditioning training with a series of world-renowned coaches and in-depth Yoga and Meditation practice with acclaimed international teachers. Today, rather than focus on one area of fitness, Shona blends these approaches to create new techniques that truly complement each other.

In 2014 Shona moved from Australia to England, where she has helped the overstressed of London keep fit, unwind and spiritually evolve ever since. Shona brought her unique variety of expertise together when she started to teach the Vertue Method - a combination of yoga, weighted resistance training and meditation promising to uplift both your soul and your butt. Her series of Vertue Method workout videos, to practice at home, sold in 43 countries within a few weeks of going live. Shona is an ambassador for New Balance and will be teaching her classes at their London flagship store on Oxford Street from January 2017.

Shona's first book The Vertue Method is a 28-day reset plan grounded in Shona’s three key pillars: LIFT, LENGTHEN and NOURISH, teaching people how to become stronger, lengthen and stretch, improve posture, increase mobility and sculpt a beautiful and athletic body. The Vertue Method is out of 1st June 2017, published by Yellow Kite.

Beyond her enviable physique, radiant glow and talent for motivation, Shona is loved for her humour and approachable personality. Filled with warmth and passion for what she does, Shona is open, straight talking and down-to-earth. It is her profound belief that the key to good health starts with a commitment to your own self-worth and her mission is to communicate that globally.
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