NEW DATES ANNOUNCED! Balance Festival 19th – 21st May 2023
19 - 21 May 2023
The Truman Brewery
19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery
The School of SOS
Sweaty smiles and big vibes
The Main Stage
Sweaty smiles and big vibes! 

Workout with all your fitness favourites on the Main Stage - the epicentre of the Festival, where the whole event comes to life. Try something new with our epic taster sessions and find your self moving in ways you've never moved before! 

1. The London Fitness Guy, James Stirling - PWER

Join the London Fitness Guy, James Stirling, as he provides a taster of 4 heart-pumping PWER classes, BUILD, BURN, BALANCE and BREATHE. Master everything from bodyweight strength training to meditation, these energising workouts will flood you with feel good endorphins to set you up for the day!

2. Morning Gloryville - Move & Shake Your Body to DISCO 

Join the world's original sober rave, Morning Gloryville, and be reminded of what 'being human' means! Join Polly Griffiths and the MGV crew for an energising movement experience. Move & shake your body to some seriously feel-good DISCO tunes and experience the state of limitless joy.

3. Laura 'Biceps' Hoggins - Strength Training for Life

It's time to get STRONG! Developing strength doesn't always mean throwing big weight around, you can experience a challenging stimulus with tempo and isometrics and volume just with your bodyweight! Prepare to squat, push-up, test your core stability and show your pain faces holding some positions in your range!

4. School of SOS - SOS Dance - Lizzo, It's About Damn Time

Expect a MEGA, sass fuelled routine to Lizzo's – About Damn Time, choreographed by dance icon and Lizzo 'Big Grrrl' herself, Shirlene Quigley (!!!), taught by our SOS BOSS team. No previous dance experience is needed! We can not wait to see you there Queen!

5. Tom McClelland - Virgin HIIT

Join Tom McClelland, Head of Athletic Training at Virgin Active U.K; where he’ll take you through a sweaty high intensity workout, that will challenge you regardless of your fitness level and experience. Think classic bodyweight training, mixed with elements straight out of an athletic performance program. Come and join in the fun!

6. Emerald and Tiger - London's Biggest Soundbath

Be the first to experience London's biggest soundbath, ever! Join Jasmin Harsono of Emerald and Tiger, Hana El-Rais, Almira Aldion of The Sound Shift, Jessii Rose, Farzana Ali aka The Sound Therapist, Rachael Morley, Laura Rylands of A.lass. We invite you to relax and embody the various healing sounds you will listen to, from Gong, and Crystal Bowls to Intuitive Soulful Voice. Allow yourself this time to rest and enjoy London’s largest Sound Bath at a festival.

7. Swift - Silent Disco Bootcamp

In this ultimate total body workout, you'll mix high energy intervals with full body toning exercises. Pick up your headphones at the start and join our immersive workout experience with the very best motivational music to see you through your session. Whether you're a complete newbie or fitness fanatic. 

8. Frame - Cherobics

We're turning back time to the 90's with an ode to Cher and her fabulous foray into fitness. Don your skin tight mesh, leotard and rhinestone headband and get ready to step it out to some of Cher's biggest tunes. Low impact, high vibes.

9. Carla Rose - HULAFIT

Get ready to hoop, sweat and smile! HulaFit® combines tried and tested fitness techniques with hip shakin’ Hula hoops for a seriously good fun full body workout. You'll be jumping, squatting and spinning like a pro in no time! This is a class for the total beginner as well as the fitness fanatic, designed for all ages and all bodies, with options to suit all fitness levels.

10. The Jungle Body - KONGA/TYGA

KONGA® is the all-in-one workout that will torch calories, tone up your bod, make your soul smile & inject your body with an endorphin overload. KONGA® is a high intensity, low complexity workout fusing dance, boxing, cardio and pilates all in one class set to the latest and greatest beats!

TYGA® is a high energy, twerk-inducing, booty poppin, heart pounding dance workout choreographed to the latest hip hop, dancehall, latin & afro beats. It takes easy-to-follow dance moves & combines it with heart-pumping fitness concepts to create the ultimate dance workout.

11. Rose-Evelyn - Virgin Yoga

A Master Instructor for Virgin Active, Rose’s yoga classes promote balance between strength and stretch for all levels. Come join her breath-led slow flow and leave feeling more connected to body and spirit.

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