NEW DATES ANNOUNCED! Balance Festival 19th – 21st May 2023
19 - 21 May 2023
The Truman Brewery
19 - 21 May 2023 / The Truman Brewery
The LAB - Press & Industry Day


Future Ready Retail: How to Navigate the Rapidly Changing Retail Landscape.

Retail is in a state of metamorphosis, consumers are engaging with brands, retailers and each other in completely new ways. Old systems and metrics are becoming increasingly redundant. We are moving from sales per square metre to shares per square metre. From stores to stages; from stuff to stories
Ludovic Rossignol (Founder of Balance Festival + Feelgood Kitchen)

Ibrahim Ibrahim (Managing Director, Portland Design)

Adrian Boswell (Health & Wellbeing Buyer, Selfridges)
Selina Sykes (Vice President, Unilever)

The Future of Tech in Wellness

From AI personal trainers, to smarter home fitness technology, the pandemic's impact is creating a slightly different wellness tech landscape than we'd all expected.

Keith Leddington (Director of Partnerships, FitXR)

Suba M (Director of Science, Health & Wellness, Holland and Barrett, H&B Meno + H&B Gut App)
Fiona Sweny (Journeys Science Lead, Holland and Barrett, H&B Meno + H&B Gut App)

A Consumer Demand for Fitness as Entertainment 

With endless possibilities of dance classes, gym sessions with a difference and home workouts like never before, there are endless opportunities to find entertainment through fitness. We delve into the up and coming sessions that are attracting new sign ups, huge followings, and bringing the community together. 

Hilary Rowland (Co-Founder, United Fitness Brands)

Matt Harras (Head of Programming, Virgin Active)
Bonnie Lister Parsons (CEO, School of SOS)
Carla Rose (Director, HulaFit)
Haydn Whiteside (Head of Trainer Dev, BOOM Cycle)
Polly Griffiths (Resident Disco Yoga Teacher & Producer at Morning Gloryville)

Building Recurring Revenue: How to Run Subscriptions for a D2C Business

Our daily supplements, teas and protein shakes; these are just a handful of products ideal for building a subscription-based business. How do you turn a single purchaser into a subscriber? And going forward, how do you keep them subscribed?

Tom Mucklow (Co-Founder, SuperCo)

Harvey Hodd (Founder, Blueprint)
Rob Barr (Director & Business Development, Recharge)
Ralph de Lisle (Founder, IKO Drinks)

Start with Social: the difference between being ‘social‘ and being ‘social-first’. 

How can we start to find more organic ways to connect with our customers? Join Koral Ibrahim and James Roberts as they discuss their success in bringing a community focus to their marketing to benefit all. 

Koral Ibrahim (Founder, The Ready House)

James Roberts (Manager, The Beacon Shopping Centre)

Diversity and Inclusion in Wellness: Creating a Culture that Engages Everyone to Thrive

Find out how your brand/company can take a step back from offering broad wellbeing strategies and start considering how they can use diversity and inclusion in wellbeing to create a culture that engages everyone to thrive.

Prioritising diversity and inclusion matters in every facet of life, but even more so in the wellness space because health and wellness are important for truly everyone. The benefits of wellness, whether it be movement, nutrition, or mindset, extend to every single human being. How can we create a culture that engages everyone to thrive?

Suba M (Director of Science, Health & Wellness, Holland and Barrett, H&B Meno + H&B Gut App)

Stephanie Johnson (Co-CEO and Founder, Pollen + Grace)
Timothy Mathias (Strategic Lead - Inclusion, UK Active)
Michael James Wong (Founder, Just Breathe)
Fiona Sweny (Journeys Science Lead, Holland and Barrett, H&B Meno + H&B Gut App)

Embodied Business: How to Evolve Your Business by Evolving Yourself

Join Alice Carder - The Self Evolution Coach in conversation with friends Drew Newton Founder of Hello Aloe Naturals, Michelle Patrick Practitioner of Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine & Sian Harvey Stress Management Specialist; as we explore what it means to be an embodied leader in business.

Alice Carder (The Self Evolution Coach)

Drew Newton (Founder, Hello Aloe Naturals)
Michelle Patrick (Practioner of Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine)
Sian Harvey (Stress Management Specialists) 

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