11-13 May 2018.
Old Truman Brewery,

The Refuel Cafe

The refuel café will be your go-to post workout hub after sweating it out with one of our eight fitness studios. From muscle building protein shakes, thirst-quenching cold-press juice and delicious snacks to power you up, you’ll find everything you need to feed and fuel your body stronger.
La Marzocco
What’s a café without good coffee? Courtesy of La Marzocco, the Refuel Café will house some of the best coffee roasters in London bringing bespoke menus each day to an awesome boutique café environment.
Neat Nutrition
Find protein experts Neat Nutrition in the refuel café serving up a choice of whey and vegan protein shakes for a quick and tasty supply of this all important macronutrient. Not sure which one to choose? Worry not! They’ll be able to give you the low-down on protein and help make a decision that’s right for you!
Delivering the best cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurised juice to Balance Festival, Press will be in the Refuel Café to help you replenish and rehydrate when you need them. Pick up a vegetable-packed green juice, a fiery ginger shot or a sweet and zingy citrus juice.
House of Acai
Step into the House of Acai and experience an eclectic taste explosion. Built around the mighty acai berry, an indigenous Brazilian fruit packed with antioxidants and healthy omegas, this menu is big on taste, rich in health benefits and will energise your mind and body through every workout, yoga and meditation session.
From their refreshing hydration station and pop-up pilates studio, ZEO will be adding a little sparkle to the refuel café with their crisp spring water, fruit and botanical blends. Stretch, lengthen, replenish and restore.
Let’s go coconuts! Chi will help you replenish those lost electrolytes after your workout with organic, potassium packed coconut water. Full of goodness and good flavour, it’s all you could want after a good sweat session!
Bee Me
Room for dessert? Bee Me are whipping up their feel-good Froyo, all-natural, additive free and full of deliciousness. Choose from some winning Italian flavours and top to your heart’s delight.