Heritage Carrot Salad, Tarragon and Lemon

By Adam Handling
Jun 22, 2018
Heritage Carrot Salad, Tarragon and Lemon
A lovely little starter with the contrast of pickled carrots, yoghurt dressing and thinly sliced raw carrots. The little kick from the toragashi seasoning makes a vibrant, colourful dish.

For the pickled carrots:
1 bunch baby rainbow carrots
2 large carrots
Dice the large carrots into small chunks
Thinly slice the baby carrots
For the pickling liquid:
75ml carrot juice
75ml Amazu (a Japanese sweet and sour sauce)
5 coriander seeds
50ml olive oil
Mix together
Warm slightly
Pour over the two types of carrots, in separate bowls
Cover and place in fridge for minimum 1 hour
For the dressing:
45ml lemon juice
20g honey
12g sugar
90g natural yoghurt
Small handful coriander and chervil
Salt and pepper to season
Bring lemon juice to boil with honey and sugar
Pour over the yoghurt
Add herbs and blend
Season with salt and pepper
For the burnt lemon juice:
12 lemons (this will give you 600ml burnt lemon juice)
350g simple stock syrup
50g sugar
15g agar
100ml water
Slice the lemons in half
Place a large frying pan on a high heat
Place the lemons, cut side down, in the pan
Char them in the pan until blackened
Remove the lemons and allow to rest
Squeeze out the juice and pass through a sieve until you have 600ml of liquid
In a saucepan, bring the burnt lemon juice and simple stock syrup to a gentle boil
When the liquid is boiling mix in the agar and sugar and cook for 30 seconds
Pour into a container and rest in a fridge for 24 hours
For the garnish:
Carrot tops (including leaves)
Burnt lemon juice
Togarashi seasoning

For more delicious zero waste recipes from Adam Handling, check out his website here.

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