Tue 14 Feb 2023

Headliner Q&A: Lilly Sabri


Lilly Sabri is the founder of LEAN; an online workout organisation showcasing Lilly's unique and engaging style and energy to people all over the world. Lilly is a Physiotherapist and has worked in both the NHS and elite sports, specialising in football, working at Chelsea FC Academy.

Her focus and dedication to her academic training has helped her build the LEAN enterprise, attracting over 5 million followers across YouTube and Instagram, sharing her knowledge with people across the globe.

Lilly is a passionate advocate for happy and healthy living. We can’t wait for her workouts at Balance, and LEAN will be in the Market too!



Describe your brand in 3 words. 
Trustworthy, pure, community-focused.

Why did you start your brand? 
Honestly, the answer is incredibly simple. To help women all around the world live their healthiest and happiest lives. To build confidence and to enjoy the journey of living an active, healthy lifestyle.

What’s it like to work for your business? 
"Super fun and exciting. I love the start-up culture and the fact that there isn’t red tape on new ideas. In fact most new ideas we have, if it makes sense, are followed through on. Every week, month, and year is a continual learning process." - Chris, Director of Food Supplements

What would your team say about you as a leader? 
"A highly ambitious person that inspires and motivates everyone around her." - Ella, Head of Short Form Content

What has surprised you in your journey so far?
The support we have had from our online community and the rate at which our brand has grown. We now have an online community of 5 million across our @LillySabri social media platforms, a line of over 30 products- despite and business only being 18 months old, and our LEAN Food products are now sold in over 1000 stores around the UK.

What gets you out of bed every day? 
The fact I’m helping 5 million women around the world, every single day, live their healthiest and happiest lives.

As a business, what’s your superpower? 
Everything we develop is with our audience for our audience.We involve everyone in LEAN Foods and the LEAN App product development. This includes everything from the flavour, taste and texture of the products, to the product packaging and the key benefits that our audience are looking for. This same communication also runs through to the LEAN App, with every decision and development we make being as a result of what our audience are wanting and needing. This open communication, we believe, has allowed us to develop products like no other available on the market.

Workout with Lilly on the Main Stage at Balance on Friday 19th and Sunday 21st May. Meet LEAN in the Market.

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