Tue 14 Mar 2023

How to deal with society’s pressure of “doing” and always having to “show up”


How many of us have felt that we need to show up in order to be seen?

How many of us feel that our identity is dependent on our status around work, lifestyle, and "doing" rather than being?

I come from the background of someone that was always doing. Doing so much that aged 21, I burnt out and down to the ground with an addition to my work. The thing is, it was actually about the fear of being viewed as someone “unsuccessful”.

Society tells us that in order to be successful, we need to be working 24/7, making loads of money, constantly being in places that are seen to be “amazing” but does this mean we are happy? Not necessarily. 

Happiness isn't dependent on any of these things, but I didn’t realise this until I reached burn out. The mad thing is, from the outside you'd think I had the most amazing life, but internally I was suffering, trying to keep up with the constant rat race of life.

Join me for my talk at Balance Festival, where I'll share my experiences, knowledge and tips on how to release yourself from societal expectations and those you put on yourself. You can get to a better, more settled place inside of yourself and feel happier, richer and free through peace and contentment!

Lauren White is speaking at The LAB on Sunday 21st May at Balance Festival.

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